Sponsors are the heartbeat of Rafiki Mwema. It is through your continual support, encouragement and good will that we are able to provide ongoing care for each child who comes through our doors and into our Kenyan home.

Become a Rafiki Warrior

We are currently inviting businesses of all sizes to join us as Corporate Sponsors. In doing so we are asking you to join our Rafiki Family to raise funds and / or donate services for key identified projects. Each current need has been identified through consultation with the founders, the board and our staff at Rafiki Mwema.

For previous funds in action please see our blog and our media articles.

Offering several levels of sponsorship, it is our goal to work with you to find a level of support best suited to your organization, budget and charitable goals.

What’s in it for me?

In return for your sponsorship, not only will you receive endless love and praise from us, but we will support you every step of the way. Our team will ensure you are matched with a sponsorship package which provides you with maximum exposure to promote your association with Rafiki Mwema and allows your brand to reap the benefits that come from being associated with an honest hard working and transparent program.

We are grateful for all support and couldn’t do what we do without you.

Why Rafiki?

We are an established, trusted organisation who has been working with the children of Nakuru, Kenya for the last 6 years, with proven results.

children currently in our care
children have safely returned home
perpetrators prosecuted

We are committed and results orientated, seeking original and innovative solutions to provide the children who come to us with a safe and welcoming environment (a home away from home) coupled with the emotional support required for their recovery process. Our model of holistic care therefore extends from the essentials such as shelter and nourishment to a robust therapy program which uses a range of platforms such as play, art and role play to assist in healing and rebuilding trust and the little lives that have been essentially stolen by abuse. We educate and support each child with the aim to break the cycle of negativity and build stronger communities.

We are in it for the long haul and ask you to join us. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Major – Lion (Simba)

$300,000+ per year

We have one package on offer for a major sponsor / partner. This is a rare opportunity to help us grow and offer sustainable programs both in our homes and in our community.

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Platinum – Elephant (Tembo)

$100,000+ per year

A jumbo force in the Rafiki Family.
Our Platinum sponsors are key to getting big things done for long term impact.

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Gold – Leopard (Bagheera)

$50,000+ per year

As a powerful presence and key player in funding projects and programs, our Gold sponsors are fundamental to the ongoing operations of Rafiki.

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Silver – Rhinoceros

$20,000+ per year

Strong and committed, our Silver sponsors are an integral part of the Rafiki foundation, helping us to spearhead projects and programs, and allowing us to grow.

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Bronze – Buffalo

$5,000+ per year

A force to be reckoned with, our Bronze Buffaloes help us to get in and get it done. Supporting short and long term projects they power us forward.

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Mates – Meerkat

Services / Products

Our collective of Meerkats work together, using their skills and products on a pro bono basis to strengthen the Rafiki community and assist with a variety of bespoke projects.

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