Hello you, and a SUPER big welcome to the 2019 Gift Exchange. It’s going to be a cracking year.

Not sure what it is? Well, the gift exchange is a feel good exercise where people around the world buy a gift for someone they’ve never met before. I’ll match you up with someone randomly, and you’ll treat them to lovely goodies to the value of $25 {not including postage to send it!}. You can stalk them {in a non-creepy way} in our lovely Facebook group and get to know them, shop for them, wrap their gift and send it on. It’s as simple, and as fun as that.

For the Gift Exchange again this year, we’re supporting the beautiful charity, Rafiki Mwema. The entry fee to play along in the gift exchange is AU$5. This is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the children of Rafiki Mwema. All monies raised from this years gift exchange will go towards buying Christmas Hampers (all staple foods, sweets, juice, sugar, cooking oil for them to have a wonderful Christmas day and thereafter) for our outreach families from Rafiki Mwema. It will make such a difference for them this Christmas!

This year we’ve got four groups to choose from. We’ll have Worldwide {for anyone, no matter where you live}, Australia only {for people only living in Australia}, Europe only {for people living in Europe only} and USA only {for people living the USA only}.

The budget for the gift is AU$25, and that does NOT include postage, so be wary of that as you shop for your gifts. Postage can get pricey! Please also make sure you buy a gift/s and wrap it. This is part of the fun of the exchange. Buying something online and sending it on isn’t as fun for the recipient. Make it pretty!

To participate you just need to do the following:

+ Be absolutely, positively sure that you want to play along, and that you’re willing to follow through with buying a gift and sending it

+ Sign-up below to the appropriate group, and donate $5 to the awesome charity Rafiki Mwema

+ Stalk your inbox for details of the next steps

Have fun, and if you have any questions please email [email protected]