Project Description

Asante Sana to Advanced Wellness Regulatory Solutions..

Who are they?

Rachael has been involved in the complementary healthcare, health food and cosmetic industries since the early 1990’s, when she began her studies in naturopathy whilst working in beauty therapy and in the health food retail sector. After gaining her qualifications as a naturopath in 1996, Rachael gained further insight into consumer desires and trends, working as a retail naturopath in health food and pharmacy and as a clinical naturopathic consultant. She worked in a clinical setting beside a leading cardiothoracic surgeon and then moved into regulatory affairs and research and development for a world leading pharmaceutical company, gaining extensive knowledge and experience into how complementary medicines and pharmaceutical medicines can truly work together.

How will their funds make change?

Why do they choose to help Rafiki Mwema?

It breaks my heart to know that these gorgeous children have undergone trauma and abuse that no child should even imagine. As a mum of two young boys, I feel lucky to be able to appreciate every day how unique and special all children are. All children deserve to be loved and nurtured, and to be given the opportunity to learn, and to develop into loving, caring adults. I think it’s wonderful that Rafiki Mwema provide an opportunity for children who would otherwise not have been able to recognise their potential, and in doing so, to stop the cycle of abuse. Due to Rafiki Mwema, these children have the opportunity to play and learn in an environment where they can feel safe and loved. They are taught how to nurture others, by being nurtured themselves, and are provided an opportunity to develop into loving, caring adults who may one day be able to provide their own children with the love and support that they deserve. I chose to support Rafiki because I know the team, and I know that all of the money that we provide is used to support these amazing children.