Project Description

Asante Sana to Eco Tan..

Who are they?

Sonya Driver was introduced to Rafiki Mwema by our fabulous ambassador Celeste Barber.  Sonya is the powerhouse behind Eco Tan.
From the moment we were introduced to Sonya she has been a whirlwind of love and energy and so focused on raising funds and awareness for our projects.
She pulled together the ‘Glory Oil’ campaign in the matter of DAYS and within 1.5 WEEKS of first speaking to Sonya she had raised $100,000 for Rafiki Mwema. 
She personally donated 2,000 bottle of Glory Oil to the cause and sold them with 100% of all funds coming to us.  She promoted it day in and day out and I am sure she slept about 6 hours over the week until she had reached her goal.  She does not stop there.. She continues to advocate for Rafiki Mwema by raising awareness for the work we do. What a miracle it was to have Sonya cross our paths.  We have not only found a very generous sponsor but a beautiful new family member for life.

How will their funds make change?

The funds raised by the Glory Oil campaign will be going towards the running of all of our houses. We still have a shortfall every month and Sonya wanted to take the stress off us searching and campaigning for funds come month end.. This $100,000 has allowed us to pay over due bills, get our cards repaired and pay for things we have been unable to get due to lack of funds.  It will keep us up and running for many months to come and we are so grateful to everyone involved!

Why do they choose to help Rafiki Mwema?

There are 2 reasons I choose to support Rafiki Mwema. 

1. This is my calling. Every cell in my body cry’s out “ how can I help “ to those that are the most harmed yet the most precious. Nothing is more important than lifting up our children. 

2. I saw the love and burden in Sarah and Ann – Marie and wanted to help them on their mission with Rafkiki Mwema. 

We can all do something.

“When people ask me why I got involved with Rafiki and why I became a corporate sponsor like most entrepreneurs I think I have incredible instinct and I trust my gut. I’m good at reading people and knowing who to invest in. When I was introduced to Sarah and Anne-Marie I could see the grit and the grind and the absolute determination and passion to save these children and to make a difference in their lives through love and empathy and healing. I knew that there is nothing more important than helping, lifting up and taking care of children wherever they may be. I help a lot of different charities around the world and I know where to give and who really needs it. When you give you receive. I don’t know it’s just spiritual law. Doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it, it’s a fact. My CFO came to me recently and said “Sonya whatever you’re doing keep doing it as last year we went three times over our annual turnover”. I can tell you right now, Rafiki Mwema, these women, these children they’re the real deal. The blessing is all mine. My staff take absolute pride in selling our not for profit hand & nail cream for Rafiki Mwema it gives them great pleasure and pride in being part of a philanthropic company and it’s changed them as well. It’s not about money, it’s something more, they feel empowered and they feel a part of giving back. I can’t say enough about Rafiki Mwema. I encourage you, if you’re thinking of becoming a corporate sponsor, watch the money flow!