Project Description

Asante Sana to Sleepy’s Kotara..

Who are they?

Kasey and Ben are both Newcastle born and raised, they have been the proud owners of Sleepy’s Kotara for 4 years. Running a 7 day a week retail business and raising two beautiful boys aged 5 and 7 makes life pretty crazy at times but that’s just the way they like it.

How will their funds make change?

Kasey and Ben have generously donated their time and funds to our organization.  They are passionate about the work we do and continue to be inspired by our children to put in that extra effort to help us reach our goals.  They recently held a sold out successful Gala dinner in Newcastle where they managed to raise a whopping $42,000.  These funds will be used to help us with our never ending running costs and repair issues we were having with our electric fence and our beat up vans.  We have also been able to build a stand for our water tanks.  Jobs that we have not had the funds to do until they came along.  We are so thrilled to have them in our Rafiki Family. 

Why do they choose to help Rafiki Mwema?

I heard about Rafiki Mwema after following and contributing a small amount to Constance Halls Queens Castle campaign.

I followed on from the sidelines for a couple of years until I heard about an International Women’s Day event not far from where we live that Sarah would be speaking at. Keen to hear more about Rafiki, I attended the event.

That night changed me. I couldn’t just continue on living my life and not help, knowing the unspeakable trauma and abuse these kids have suffered, knowing how much these kids NEED Rafiki.

It keeps me up at night thinking about how scared they must be and the injustice of what has happened to them and more importantly about ways I can help Rafiki so they can continue to try and heal their little hearts.

Rafiki has a piece of my heart now and I am wholeheartedly committed to making sure that Rafiki Mwema has the funds to always be there for these beautiful kids.