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It has been 4 years since we ran our last auction to keep our doors open..

Since then, we have helped over 150 children. We now have 66 live in family members and over 110 children who have returned home that we still continue to support

Of course, a family of this size comes with a lot of costs.  While we have been blessed with our own farm as well as 2 new buildings for our children to live in, the running costs to continue our work each month is a constant battle. We have many wonderful sponsors but at the moment this is still not covering our costs of approx $20,000 AUD per month.  

We are holding this auction in the hope to raise funds to help with these monthly costs until we can secure some more monthly sponsors/corporate sponsors

The auction will begin at 5pm Monday October 9th and finish at 8pm October 15th.

This is a ‘quality’ auction consisting of good quality products and services donated by the caring public – you!

So Kenya Help Us? – here’s how you can…

We are looking for contributions of quality goods and services for our auction.  Click the link to send us the details of your product or service that you would like to contribute to this auction.  You can donate to this auction from ANYWHERE in the world.  Your product will be displayed in our online store and added to our auction album on facebook.  Once the product is displayed and when the auction starts we suggest the donor promotes their item in the auction which will raise awareness and hope to get bids up!  What better way to contribute to the work we are doing whilst promoting your products?!

These gifts will be auctioned, starting 9th October 2017, giving people the perfect opportunity to do their Christmas shopping whilst helping our children.


Donate to our auction now

ANYONE from ANYWHERE in the world can donate to this auction!

* a few boring rules.

We would love to be able to accept everything but for this auction we are only looking for new, quality items.  No second hand items.

Along with the very kind donation you are offering we kindly ask you to also cover the cost of posting the item via registered post.  

We understand if you are not in a position to do this as well as donate your item but this is the only way we can run this auction smoothly with as little confusion as possible.

You can however choose whether you are willing to send this item internationally as well as domestically. 
Once the payment has been cleared we ask for the donor to send the item within 48 hours. 

Don’t forget to hashtag #kenyahelpus and #rafikimwema to follow the support from all over..