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Our little Princes’ are on the move! as you would know we recently opened our hearts to Little Kings. these younger boys have brought a whole new dynamic to our project developed specifically for the boys at Rafiki. each one of these little ones are fun, busy, cheeky, loveable and also (and heartbreakingly) deeply traumatised.

If you met them they would steal your love in a heartbeat, guaranteed. They would enter your heart and become part of your life, you would never want to give them up – and you would want make everything better. this is why we need your help.

These princes’ have lived lives full of torture, neglect, sexual and physical abuse and terror and we need to help them rebuild their trust, their lives, their future. at only eight or nine years old they have been exposed to life on the streets without the love of a family; away from a home that brings you food and warmth and allows you to develop as the person you deserve to be. they have been robbed of that and instead have been sleeping rough on the most dangerous human highway you could imagine. all they could hope for was a night where a drug induced state could take them away from reality and all they prayed for was to survive another night. Others in this situation didn’t make it.


How lucky are we that we have the amazing Doyle Farm and the incredible Constance Hall holding their hands and allowing us to be a part of building them a better future. and once again now is a good time to offer your support. when we welcomed these little kings into Rafiki house we knew we would need to do some work and we would need to call on you to help us at some point . We currently have five little Kings who need to reconnect to the magic of life in a free, playful and accepting way with love, support and therapy.

The best way to provide what these boys need is to have them in their own space, to build them their own small castle.

We are committed to our boys living as a family but at the moment the house they are in is pretty cramped – not so good when we are trying to help them feel safe and important. So we need to move them quickly! What we want to do is to build them a mud house that can then be used a playroom or therapy room once Kings Castle is built. This will allow them to have a place to play, explore, learn and develop until the big house is built.

We are going to help them learn to be loved, learn to feel safe and accept all the things that are our right in life. The road ahead is a tough one. The move from mistrust to trust is a hard one. We will change the structures of their traumatised minds to allow our love in.

They will run, play, explore and learn. They will be loving and caring boys and future Kings. They will develop love and trust and you will be part of that transformation. Princes palace will be a transitional space for the younger boys to grow and heal before joining our kings and this is an essential step of the process.

we cannot express enough that every cent counts. Click on the link below and show our little kings that we care. and as always you will be able to see the progress and see your brick/s turn into a palace.