Jasiri Rafiki School

Our long held dream of a safe school for our small girls is becoming reality, thanks to our amazing supporters.


Jasiri Rafiki School

Our long held dream of a safe school for our small girls is becoming reality, thanks to our amazing supporters.

Our farm is amazing! We have four beautiful therapeutic houses, we have a farm where we grow our own produce, we have greenhouses, we have therapeutic carers, we have almost everything...

The bit that was missing was a school for our vulnerable young girls. Some of the girls come to us for weeks or months, others come for years. All of them come because of the horror of sexual abuse. Because we care for our children as they go through the court process, many of them are not able to go out to attend school during this scary time. Sometimes this process can last years.

Their lives are always in danger if they leave the safety of our farm. If the family of the perpetrator knew where their accuser (our girls) was, there is a very good chance they could be murdered, as their evidence will put these evil men away for life.

So, up until now, they taught in the house they live in. Let me be clearer, they were taught in the bedrooms and in the kitchen of the house that they live in. During the day we push back the bunk beds and we pull out chairs and tables. It's a little bit squashed. It's a little bit disorganised. But our girls are learning as best they can.


...if they had their own purpose-built classrooms with desks and chairs and blackboards and spaces to do indoor lessons and a playground for outdoor play.

They would believe they were in heaven.💫

Girls in Class

Dreams can come true

Jasiri Rafiki School

It has been a long-held dream of ours to provide a safe school for our smallest girls. Our dream is now a reality thanks to the generosity of our supporters including our dear friend Debbie Allen and major fundraisers Sleepys Gala in Newcastle and the African Affair Gala in Brisbane!

Originally we planned for four rooms but thanks to our fundraisers and the mammoth effort they put in, we have been able to include a special needs classroom, a sensory/play therapy room AND a teacher’s room with storage. Seven rooms in total!

Our school building was completed in June 2020 after delays from months of rain and COVID-19 restrictions. We've had to start and stop many times. The school will open in the coming months with the official opening to be when our directors are able to travel back to Kenya.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. You made this dream come true!

We now have the task of furnishing this amazing school! If you would like to make a donation towards this you can do so via our donation form below. We just ask you to make a note in the comments it is for furnishing the school!

Another way to support our school is to purchase this gorgeous 'Rafiki Lion' created by O.B.Designs to support our school.  Every time you purchase one of our lions we will receive $5. It's a great idea for a gift that gifts twice.

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