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I want to know why they didn’t keep looking for him

*** The picture does not relate to the story*** We try so hard for all our children to search for their family and build a connection, but sometimes news is not good. We are not saying they must return home as, for many of our boys, this is not an option due to physical and emotional safety, but if we can build a relationship that they can develop and take into adulthood, the boys will have a true sense of their family.

We’re in it together and that’s connection

I’d like to talk about our staff at Play Kenya and Rafiki Mwema. Where do I begin? We ask SO much of them, not because we are tough employers, at least I don’t think we are, but we ask them to change their thinking so much. Not all our staff come from safe and gentle childhoods that may equip them to work along side abused girls and violated boys, who only have complex behaviour to get their needs met.

Our Shared Table

We would love to take this time to thank Tracy Seawright and friends who have started an initiative called ‘Our Shared Table’

Why is play important?

You might see a lot of photos with our children playing, swimming, dancing and there is a really good reason for that! When we first started working with our boys, it was when they lived very tough and dangerous lives on the streets of town. I had always had a want to work with these boys as I believe, as I often say, that if we can change the ways that boys think and act, then we can change generations to come.

I don’t think your family will be letting you go…

Everyday good things happen in our four therapeutic houses. Everyday a small change happens taking one of our Kings or Queens striding on towards a ultimate goal – but somedays are just AMAZING!!! Today is one of those days Two years ago a small frightened little girl arrived in our house. She was five years old and had been sexually tortured by her step mother. She had injuries you dare not even imagine. She was broken into a million pieces, physically and emotionally.

Being a volunteer; visiting Kenya; Life changing experience. What is that all about?

Being a volunteer; visiting Kenya; coming to Rafiki Mwema (Play Kenya); Life changing experience. What is that all about? I think I struggle with the whole concept of volunteering because I don’t really know what it means.I struggle to explain what is expected or hoped for because I can’t really name it. I think it means a million things – Donating your time for the development of others? Experiencing a different culture? Supporting communities and projects? Hanging and building relationships?