How did we get our 6 new boys and why?

There are so many things I could tell you about walking around Nakuru town. It’s a busy colourful and bustling place with so many local traditions and sights, but also some real indicators that the area is encouraging tourists. There are several coffee shops which attract mainly European customers, which bring much needed income into the area.

Go live your dream young man

Please bear with me while I share with you some wonderful wonderful news. One of our very traumatised young men has been accepted to catering college. To say his journey has been tough is simply not enough. He has faced more in his 17 years than you could imagine.

But for now, 6 little boys are safe…

What can I say – and where do I start with this trip. I have laughed so much and I have cried a river of tears, sometimes in the same moment! I’m not sure I can do it justice in a blog but I’ll give it a go.

She tries to stay invisible – it was how she survived

She is the eldest of her three siblings. Her experience was so shocking that it was all over the national news here in Kenya. She and her sisters, and mother, had been systematically beaten and raped by their father, who is now in prison for life. She was very withdrawn and totally overshadowed by her noisy little sisters.

Dr Dan Hughes Visits Rafiki Mwema

Dan Hughes has been to visit our project in Kenya! That is simply huge and I can’t quite believe it has happened! Dan is the guy who developed Dyadic Developmental Practice and travel the world as a prolific and entertaining speaker. He has written many books and has changed the concept of how to support traumatized children. I love and have studied his work for years.

Queens Castle Grand Opening

Have you ever stood in the middle of a dream, not knowing if it was real or not? Have you ever wanted something so much it just HAD to happen? Have you ever thought about the impact of you donating to the Queen’s Castle – I mean REALLY thought about it?