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Feeding our Family in Town

We started our Christmas Day early in the morning where we walked around our community with our girls and our manager Eric and we gave food out to our poorest community members. Our children

Rafiki Christmas 2018

What a wonderful Christmas we were able to celebrate this year at Rafiki Mwema.   There are so many of you who have been involved with this process.. from sending gifts to Sarah or

A plea from Constance for *Elizabeths Fight

Warning, graphic content and I’m very well aware that a large percentage of you have suffered and are dealing with your own PTSD as a result. This however is Elizabeth. Her “mother” facilitated her prostitution

Sending gifts to our Rafiki Kids this Christmas

🎄CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR OUR KIDS🎄 I am often approached about people wanting to send our children things for Christmas. Normally I decline as we have no way to get the items to Kenya.. BUT this

Don’t call me an inspiration.. unless…

If you REALLY know me then you will probably laugh when you hear someone call me inspirational. I've been called a lot of things in my life but I find this one the most depressing.

King’s Castle Opening {Part 3}

At last. THE day had arrived. It was the opening of our Kings Castle. It was unbelievable that in a few short hours ALL our boys and girls would live together at Doyle Farm.

King’s Castle Opening {Part 2}

Can you imagine the tension, the excitement the disbelief at Rafiki Mwema that Constance and her family were on their way! Walking into the big girls house with Constance when she arrived was simply

King’s Castle Opening {Part 1}

There was so much excitement in our houses about the opening of the King’s Castle. It had been a LONG time coming, with so many hidden expenses we thought it would never happen. Sarah,