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King’s Castle Opening {Part 3}

At last. THE day had arrived. It was the opening of our Kings Castle. It was unbelievable that in a few short hours ALL our boys and girls would live together at Doyle Farm.

King’s Castle Opening {Part 2}

Can you imagine the tension, the excitement the disbelief at Rafiki Mwema that Constance and her family were on their way! Walking into the big girls house with Constance when she arrived was simply

King’s Castle Opening {Part 1}

There was so much excitement in our houses about the opening of the King’s Castle. It had been a LONG time coming, with so many hidden expenses we thought it would never happen. Sarah,

Eco Tan pledge $100K to Rafiki Mwema

What happens when two wild brilliant minds get together? They use their powers for GOOD! When our amazing ambassador Celeste Barber reached out to Sonya Driver, founder of Eco Tan, to ask for help

He was a baby, beaten and hoping to die.

Our young boy comes from one the most horrific backgrounds you could imagine, and the biggest miracle is that he survived the sadistic abuse that he lived through. He was the second born of 4

We are excited for her to go home..

Things are pretty ok over in Kenya – something not easy to say when you are therapeutically parenting 66 children, many of them teenagers, so I guess our interpretation of

a young man who life almost missed…

Being in Kenya is always a roller coaster of emotion and none more than this trip. I find that I move from laughing to crying from moment to moment. Things are pretty full on at