Anne-Marie will be in Australia in February 2017 to deliver training and and hold fundraising dinners alongside Sarah in support of Rafiki Mwema.  

We are accepting expressions of interest to hold a one day conference to help birth, adopted and foster parents understand our children and how we can support them to be the best dudes they can be. We will look at understanding the impact of early childhood trauma and how that presents itself; the impact of being exposed to violence on the brain and how we move children to a safer way of living through our parenting.

This interactive and informative training supports professionals and support providers to understand the complexities of early years trauma and the impact this will have on our children.

If your child has experienced difficulties in their early lives, as babies or children, the way they communicate their stress to us is by using big behaviours. Behaviours are a big worry and can be scary to understand for professionals, foster carers and adopted parents as well as schools. It brings to life the meaning that drives complex behaviours, and using an approach known as PACE how we can connect to traumatised children and make them feel safe.

We have not secured dates and locations as yet as we are wanted to get expressions of interests before we book anything in.  Dates available will be from Feb 16th until Feb 25th.  Please fill in the form below to let us know if you would be keen to attend either the day conference, the fundraising dinner or perhaps both! 

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