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Everyone wants to help make a difference and we love it when you do. Sometimes its a little hard to know how to get started so here is a few suggestions to help you out in your fund raising for rafiki fun. There are so many ways to raise money for Rafiki and every little bit helps not only the financial aspect but raising awareness is so vital to our sustainability.

From little things…

As mentioned above the smallest contribution can help make the biggest difference. There are many small fund raising projects you can host at your workplace, local school or within a social group. Here are a few ideas that will raise funds and awareness for Rafiki and everyone involved can have lots of fun.

Rafiki Tea

Host a morning tea where you bring in some baked goods and others make a small donation to participate. Make sure you take a photo and send it into us so we can encourage others to do the same thing.

Rafiki Beans

Put jelly beans or any other type of confectionary in a jar (we can supply Rafiki stickers for the jar) and people pay .50 cents or $1 to have a guess. The person with the closest guess gets to win the prize (the jar of sweets) and everyone wins because they have made a contribution to Rafiki. And you get to have fun counting the jelly beans too 😉

Rafiki Pink

Turn your work, school or social group pink for the day. Tell your colleagues to wear pale pink for the day and they have to make a donation to do so (you can encourage this by promising pink cupcakes etc) maybe a donation for each item of pink they wear just to make it interesting and see who owns a lot of pink!

Rafiki Bake

Get a few of your fellow parents to get busy in the kitchen and hold a bake stall at school or at the local market.

Some of you are be interested in investing a little more time in your fundraising – and we love it!! Here a few ideas for those wanting to go that little bit further:

Rafiki BBQ

A lot of hardware stores offer charity spots at their weekend BBQ. This one requires you to do a bit of shopping before (or get some local businesses to supply the goods) you then man the stall on the day and raise funds and awareness of Rafiki (we can supply posters, postcards, stickers and donation tins). You can take your costs from the takings and send the rest to us to keep our girls safe and happy.

Rafiki Raffle

Get some of your local businesses to donate something, it could be a bike or a piece of art or even a dinner voucher at a local restaurant. You can sell tickets at school/work/ social outings (and get your family and friends to sell tickets also). And make sure you tell us all about it and send in photos – we would love to share the details on our website and social pages.

Rafiki Retail

If you or someone you know has a retail store or feel a store near you would be willing, we can provide donation tins for their counter or reception area, if requested we can provide postcards too – it is important you have time to check back with the business and get the tin and funds back to Rafiki so we can send those funds where they are needed as regularly as possible.

Rafiki Run

There are so many fun runs and walks these days where you can choose your charity, get a group together and raise funds for Rafiki!! You can use your social media to drum up support and we can pop it on our social media channels too.  Everyday Hero is a great place to set up your fundraising page.

Rafiki Market Day

A lot of local markets these days have a “charity of the day” where everyone coming in makes a donation. You can contact the market administrator and submit the application form (we can help you with this) you need to ensure you have a couple of willing and able bodies to assist – there are often more then one entry point and you will need someone to take turns so each person gets a break. We can supply money tins, stickers and other material to raise awareness.

Rafiki Beat

Who doesn’t like to dance? Host a little disco at home or talk to your local school or hall about holding one there (this of course will take a little more planning and perhaps some up front costs. I would suggest asking the venue and your DJ to do the event as a donation). Sell tickets and everyone gets to have a boogie for a good cause!.

Rafiki Recycle

If you have some good condition clothing and nic-nacs why not hold a store at your local market (and do a little reduce, reuse, recycle at the same time). The stall may cost money and you can recoup that from your takings on the day and then donate the rest to Rafiki. You can do this with friends or family and they can help on the day as well as getting a spring clean done!. Again we will supply some awareness material so people know you are working for a good cause!!