a snippet from ‘Holding the hand of my future’, written by Peter Njuguna and Anne-Marie Tipper.

Sometimes being this new person is hard. I have to try and remember to think about others and how the things I do will make them feel. I can’t tell you how difficult that is when I’ve only ever looked after myself and my brother James. I have never known how to make out what this stuff called feelings means for other. I knew really well what being angry felt like; I did it nearly all the time. I knew what hunger was; I sniffed glue to make that disappear but trying to remember that things I do impact others –that’s a new one for me.

It sounds really simple that I learnt to love and be loved, but it’s the hardest thing in the world. I promise you. I used to have almost no feelings; well I did but I has I learnt to hide them and eventually worked so hard not even to feel them. Coming into Rafiki Mwema, and especially having Anne-Marie be so big in my life now has made it harder, tougher and the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s so confusing. Great but scary.