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What will sponsorship cost me?

Sponsorship will cost you $50AUD per month. This will cover the individual needs of the child and contribute to the day to day running our Rafiki Mwema.

If you would like to claim your donations on your tax then you can pay your sponsorship fees via our sponsor Rotary Club. If you do not need a tax receipt you can pay your sponsorship monies into our Australian Bank Account, via Credit Card or Via PayPal.  Once you have filled in our sponsorship form, we will send you an invoice.

If you are located in the UK you are able to pay DIRECT to our parent charity who run Rafiki Mwema, Play Kenya.  You can see all their details here on how to donate.  We will still need you to fill in this sponsorship form so we can collect all the information we need to set up sponsorship.


What does sponsorship provide for one of our children?

Here at Rafiki Mwema we have no overheads or administration costs, meaning your sponsorship will go towards covering 100% of the child’s needs. This includes the following:

-The first and of utmost importance to these girls is a loving home environment with caring staff that provide a high standard of therapeutic care.
Including individual key workers for each child.
-Participation in attachment play programs to assist with overcoming their emotional trauma
-Attendance at School with therapeutically trained teachers
-Specialised education around sexual abuse
-Integration back to their families and communities
-Education for staff in the schools about supporting sexually abused girls
-Legal and emotional support through court processes
-Regular and ongoing monitoring when in the community to ensure safety
-Three nourishing meals a day
-Clothing and essential necessities
-Specialised and ongoing health care
-Excursions into the local community to ensure the girls are integrated back into their own culture


What will the sponsor receive?

In addition to the overwhelming feeling you get when making a difference in a child’s life, who has suffered the unimaginable, Sponsors at Rafiki Mwema will receive initial sponsor card with a photo and information on your sponsor child. You will get to see the difference your sponsorship makes with a yearly update of your child including a direct letter (or painting depending on age) in the post from your sponsor child along with the update.

We will also keep you aware of what is going on throughout the year via email contact updating you on Rafiki Mwema’s activities and projects.

We also welcome our sponsors to come over and volunteer with us and meet our girls!

Why does our sponsorship program cost more than other international programs?

In essence absolutely all costs to run Rafiki Mwema and support these girls are covered by your sponsorship and donations.

Rafiki Mwema does not receive any money from the government or other large organizations.  We rely solely on your individual donations.  Our sponsorship program has been set up to cover all costs associated with running Rafiki Mwema and raising our children including, but by no means limited to,  providing all meals, paying the onsite staff wages, training for “therapy education”, court costs for our children, specialist schooling.

Everyone involved in the fund-raising for Rafiki Mwema does so on a 100% volunteer basis, ensuring the funds go directly to where they are needed the most. To these little girls that need it so much.

This exceptional program takes care of all their needs in a very direct way – housing, clothes, staffing, food, books, health care, therapy and education. And whilst our main focus is our Rafiki Angels – we also provide an income for our local staff and their families, contributing to their community for their future.

I’d love you to watch this video of our young Mary finding out that she has a sponsor.. It’s the most beautiful reaction and well worth 1 minute of your time.


If you are interested in sponsoring one of our children, please click the link below to fill in the below sponsor interest form and someone will very happily get back to you.

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