Rafiki Mwema was started by the UK based charity, Play Kenya

Rafiki Mwema Incorporated supports the day to day functionality of Rafiki Mwema in Kenya, a home for girls who have been subjected to horrific abuse and it is not safe for them to stay at their own homes. Rafiki Mwema also house boys who have survived the horrors of living on the streets.

The objective of Rafiki Mwema Incorporated is to raise funds to all allow these homes to continue providing shelter and support.

Our sponsorship program is set up in the hope to cover all costs associated in running this safe house including (but not limited too) rent of the property, utilities at the property, food and clean water for the children housed at the property, wages for our paid staff who are paid to care for the children and provide therapy, medical, transport and clothing for the children when required.

At Rafiki Mwema we work with our boys and educate them to respect themselves and others. We give them the values to become safe brothers, husbands, uncles and fathers.

While providing the essentials such as shelter food and water is very important to these children our focus is to rebuild their lives and help them to rebuild their trust and have as normal a future as possible. This requires a great deal of love, support and targeting counselling/therapy services. As play is the best way for a child to learn and grow, we use play therapy along with other counselling services to assist them in understanding what they have been through and how to come to terms with it. In some circumstances these children need to learn that the abuse they have lived with is not normal and not how people should behave. The extensive counselling is ongoing and costs money. Here at Rafiki Mwema Incorporated we aim to raise enough funds to allow the current programs at Rafiki Mwema Incorporated to continue and to expand if possible in the future.

To enable us to provide care and support for these children we depend on our Kenyan staff, Rafiki Mwema currently has 36 paid employees who all come from the local community. We will continue to provide employment in the local community into the future as we see this as an important aspect of the girl’s future, to have a sustainable community around them.

Our staff ensure the girls and boys residing at Rafiki Mwema have some community involvement and speak their local language as a first language so they are not isolated from their culture at all.

Where possible and safe our aim is for our girls to return to family and when this occurs we stay in contact and monitor the progress as much as possible, funds raised by Rafiki Mwema Incorporated will also go to ensuring we are able to continue doing this with all our girls into the future. We currently have 63 girls who are back home and we are continuing to check on them.

Rafiki Mwema Incorporated is also working in Australia offering training to to help birth, adopted and foster parents understand our children and how we can support them to be the best dudes they can be. We will look at understanding the impact of early childhood trauma and how that presents itself; the impact of being exposed to violence on the brain and how we move children to a safer way of living through our parenting.

This interactive and informative training supports professionals and support providers to understand the complexities of early years trauma and the impact this will have on our children.

Our Australian branch (Rafiki Mwema Incorporated) aims to cover as much of the administration fees as they are able to by selling a small range of Rafiki branded merchandise. All profits made form these items go back into the running costs of Rafiki Mwema Incorporated.

Read the stories of our Children…

We work with families; in the communities; the schools; churches; villages; with the government officials to ensure the cycle of abuse is broken and children are able to live as children should.

We are totally committed to supporting the children who have experienced things we could not even imagine and to help them heal their trauma. We are looking at a family who will grow to love and be loved.

Read the stories of our Children…