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If you are interested in volunteering please read all of the following information carefully. It should answer most of your questions.

Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us at Rafiki Mwema. Because we run a therapeutic project and all our staff therapeutically parent, which includes facilitating a close bond with their key children, all the day to day running of the house is covered. We really welcome volunteers who are able to bring some key skills to our houses. These would include:

•  Supporting our teaching staff to develop their creative thinking around teaching
•  Bring clubs and activities that can be developed into our timetables
•  Having skills that would enhance the future of our families, especially our boys who are thinking about their adult lives
•  Medical knowledge and being able to teach core skills to all our staff

If you have any of the above skills or anything you have a burning need to share with us, we really want to hear from you …..

You must be 18 years old to volunteer with us unless accompanied by a guardian.

Rafiki Mwema welcome volunteers and supporters but our policy is that all longterm staff, paid or unpaid, are sourced from the local community. Play Kenya and Rafiki Mwema are about empowering Kenyans to implement our model. To support the development of certain areas, teaching, farming, management skills, we allow a one-off long term volunteer opportunity to all non-Kenyans. This term is usually a maximum of 2 months

All our volunteers must provide the equivalent of a current DBS or police check and two references.  One of these must be from your current employer.


You will need a Kenyan visitors visa before you arrive in Kenya.

You have 2 options on how you can get this visa.

1. You can buy this at the airport when you arrive in Nairobi (this is the airport you would need to fly into) for $50 American Dollars. There can be very long queues for this and it is a slow process.

2. Or you can organise the visa before you leave by contacting the Kenyan Embassy. This is recommended.

The benefit of having your visa before you arrive is no waiting in line to get one which can sometimes take up to 2 hours!?  Once you arrive in Kenya you will need to advise what the reason is for your visit. Please advise that you are on vacation as we do not employ from overseas.


The airport you need to fly into is ‘Nairobi Kenyatta International Airport’ – NBO

Extra Baggage (to bring supplies over for children)
Sometimes volunteers can get permission to take extra luggage by contacting the airline that you have booked with. All you have to do is phone/e-mail the airline and say that you are going to the home and that you need extra luggage to donate children’s clothing, etc and then get written permission from them. (not all airlines co-operate) Make sure you keep it with your passport and airline ticket so you have proof of permission.

Please note we suggest you fly into Nairobi in DAYLIGHT or you will need to stay overnight in Nairobi and pay for hotel as it is not safe to travel at night.

We can arrange your transport from the airport and this cost is NOT included in your accommodation. The charge is $125AUD one way – the journey is around 2 and a half hours.

We can also arrange day trips and outing to all areas – there are some wonderful sights and experiences to be had.

We would love to introduce you to Rafiki Mwema’s very own travel specialist.  Please meet Emma.  Emma is a big part of the Rafiki Mwema family.  She is a wonderful travel agent and is here to answer any questions you might have about booking your trip to Kenya!

She knows all the tips and tricks and places to see and go.  Please get in touch with her when you are ready to book your trip.

EMMA MILLER – Team leader
Flight Centre Capalaba

0738231099 | 0478156642

[email protected]

Accommodation and Fees

We have volunteer accommodation on our land at Doyle Farm, which is of a very fine standard by Kenyan means. This accommodation is part of the Queens Castle.

The two comfortable volunteers rooms house bunk beds and a double bed in each. There is a hot shower and a flushing sit-down toilet – quite luxurious.

There is a lounge area with an eat-in kitchen in a spacious open plan living area so will have privacy and comfort when you require it.

There is also electricity in the house and the Kenyan plugs are the same as the UK.

The cost to stay with Rafiki Mwema $400 AUD a week.


All fees must be paid in advance of your stay. This cost includes a food starter pack on arrival, which will include- Fruit, Bread, Butter, Cereal, Eggs, Milk, Water, Instant noodles, Tea and coffee

The If you run out of these supplies during your stay you must replenish it at your own cost.

I You will take your lunch with the children in one of the houses. Be sure to present yourself at lunchtime if you’re not already there and join the queue. Don’t be shy.

Your breakfast and evening meal is NOT provided and you will need to arrange you this for yourself. There is a kitchen area with facilities to make light meals from the food that is provided and a supermarket just down the road if you require more substantial ingredients or to replenish supplies.

If you need to go into town this can be arranged at a minimal cost with us (cheaper than taxis!!!!), or you can catch a ride with someone who is going and arrange your own way back.

Your dirty washing can be given to one of the houses and it will be returned to you clean.

The quarters will be cleaned during your stay, however you must clean the kitchen after yourself, and do general tidying, as you would at home.

This cost includes bed and breakfast and lunchtime meal if eaten with the children. Your evening meal is NOT provided and you will need to provide this for yourself. There is a small kitchen area with facilities to make light meals and a supermarket just down the road.

If you need to go into town this can be arranged at a minimal cost with us (cheaper than taxis!!!!) 

What should I bring?

We recommend you bring your ‘debit card’ with you as you will be able to withdraw money from ATM’s in the area. Do not bring travelers cheque’s or your own currency as you will not be able to cash them. The only money you can may be able convert easily is US dollars so don’t bring any other money hoping the banks will convert as they may but they will probably say no.

We suggest you bring just a small amount of Kenyan Shillings for when you first arrive just in case you get in a situation and the ATM’s are not working.

Personal toiletries. You can buy items here but not all the brands. 
We suggest you bring a pair of trainers incase you like walking, running or aerobics. Flip Flops/Crocs, you will spend most of your time in them. Maybe a pair of sandals/comfy shoes for town etc.
 No need to pack too much clothes as you end up wearing the same thing most of the time anyway!

Jeans/Cargo trousers, 3 quarter trousers… that kind of stuff.  Long shorts are ok, short shorts are not advisable. Short tops that expose your midriff are not advisable. Warm jumper for mornings and evenings are recommended.

We also recommend you to bring a casual/dressy outfits. i.e. skirt (knee high length is ok) and top, or dress incase you wish to go to church or some other function.

You should pack a torch as power often goes off in Kenya!!  You do NOT need to bring mosquito nets, towels or bedding. All will be supplied.


How can I be contacted?

Once in Kenya, do not worry… you can be contacted!  There are cyber cafes in Nakuru town that are affordable. 
If you have a tri band phone that will work in Europe/UK then it will work here in Kenya (as long as it is not locked to a provider) you can bring your phone and buy an African sim card once here. These are approx $2 to purchase.

You can text and receive texts very cheaply and I find this is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. They can call you and you can call them but this is usually very expensive.

If you have 3G on your phone you will be able to connect to internet if you get a safari com SIM card. We currently have 3G (and I think 4G!) within Nakuru town and are expanding to other major towns within the country. If you have a 3G modem you will be able to connect using Safari com 3G network with a Safari com SIM.

We have Internet at Rafiki Mwema and there will be a small charge to access the Internet at the house.

If you have read through the above info and you are wanting to volunteer with us in Kenya please fill out our Volunteer Interest Form and we will get back to you!