The children who call Doyle Farm ‘home’ have escaped horrific sexual abuse and are rebuilding their confidence and their future, and now we are faced with  a new challenge in the form of contaminated water that is making some of our children ill. We have already had 25 confirmed outbreaks of Typhoid at the property and are taking this very seriously – THIS DISEASE CAN BE FATAL IF LEFT UNTREATED.

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Our water is contaminated and is making our children sick with every drop.
They urgently need your protection from preventable waterborne illnesses.

Will you help us raise $40,000 to make our dirty water clean?


There is a clean water solution, but we can’t make it happen without your support.

We need $40,000 to rectify this issue (for all houses and tanks at Doyle Farm) we need to install a system that purifies the water to three locations on our farm (our houses), making it safe to drink and use for washing/cooking etc. We have found a reliable contractor to complete the work but can’t proceed without the funds.

Every day that we delay replacing our water tank is another day that our 70 children and 40 staff are needlessly at risk, we have introduced temporary measures including purchasing drinking water. This plus the additional medical bills are already costing us hundreds of dollars.

Will you help us answer a very basic Human need?

By supporting this campaign, you’ll be part of a solution that will bring clean, safe drinking water to our children and the staff that care for them at our therapeutic safe houses. Having access to a clean water supply means we can continue to focus our energies on ensuring that the broken are restored and the hurting are healed.

Partner with us. Donate now.