Rafiki Mwema

Brand Guidelines

The Rafiki Mwema brand includes the words, phrases, symbols, designs and other distinctive brand features associated with Rafiki Mwema (“Brand Assets”). Examples of our Brand Assets include the words “Rafiki Mwema” and our logos.

Rafiki Mwema encourages and supports other businesses, products and services that want to raise funds for Rafiki Mwema. At the same time, we must protect our reputation and brand identity. So we ask that you follow these Brand Guidelines, which are intended to promote consistent use of our Brand Assets. This makes it easier for people to instantly recognize references to Rafiki Mwema, and prevents consumer confusion.

If you don’t agree to these Brand Guidelines, you don’t have a right to, and shouldn’t, use the Brand Assets.

General Brand Guidelines


  • Use our Brand Assets to refer to Rafiki Mwema in any fundraising efforts you and/or your business undertakes.
  • Comply with our Logo Guidelines on the Brand Assets page.


  • Use the Brand Assets in a way that suggests or implies partnership with Rafiki Mwema if no previous arrangements have been made with Rafiki Mwema.
  • Modify or alter the Brand Assets.
  • Incorporate the Brand Assets, or anything confusingly similar, into your trademarks, domain names, logos or similar content.
  • Present the Brand Assets in a way that makes them the most prominent or distinctive feature of your fundraising material.
  • Use the Brand Assets in merchandise without consulting Rafiki Mwema and gaining prior consent.
  • Assert rights over the Rafiki Mwema brand or Brand Assets, whether by domain name registration, trademark registration or anything else.
  • Use trademarks, domain names, logos or other content that imitate or could be confused with Rafiki Mwema.
  • Feature Rafiki Mwema on materials associated with sexually explicit content, unlawful activity or other materials that violate our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.

To help us address future branding issues, we may modify these Brand Guidelines, without notice to you. We’ll post the most recent version on our website. You’re responsible for following any modified terms, so be sure to review these Brand Guidelines regularly.

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