We’re on a mission to change the brains of traumatised children.

We need your help.

Our vision

A safe childhood and bright future for every Kenyan

Our mission

To support Kenyan children through trauma by providing safety, nurture, education and hope

Here’s how we do it.


A safe place

Our farm

Our family is huge. On our 14 acre farm in Kenya we house and therapeutically parent 70 children, and we check on a further 130 through our outreach program. We have a school on the farm and grow our own food.

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We work with the community to raise awareness and educate on social issues. One of our proudest achievements is installing video links in courts in Kenya, so children can testify without facing their abuser.



Feeding Program

Street boys and street families in Nakuru are treated like rats and live in constant fear. The Rafiki Feeding Program feeds the most vulnerable and assess injuries or illnesses on a daily basis. For many it’s a lifeline.

With your help

We’ve achieved

  • Installed two video links in local courts in Kenya
  • Acquired a farm for our growing family
  • Built the “Queens Castle”; the girls’ house
  • Built the “Kings Castle”; the boys’ house
  • Built a school on our farm
  • And so much more

Get involved

We couldn’t do it without you.

Your donations, sponsorship and support are what keep our doors open.

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Our partners don’t just help raise money for charity. They restore and transform the lives of traumatised kids. And they look good doing it.

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Start a fundraiser

Get active. Have fun. Give in celebration. Whatever idea you have for raising money to help heal abused kids, we want you on Team Rafiki Mwema!

Corporate partners

Our Major Partners

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