The Rafiki Mwema Team

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Our wonderful staff

Kenyan Team

Erick General Manager

Uncle Erick

Community Relations & Programs Manager

Fancy Boys House Manager

Aunty Fancy

Manager of Boys House

Uncle Nic

Country Director of RMTC

Aunty Naomi

Admin and Procurement

Profile coming soon!

Uncle Stephen

Produce Farm Manager

Jack Jasiri School Manager

Uncle Jack

Substance Counsellor at Rafiki Mtaani

Aunty Mary

Assistant Manager of Girls Houses

Profile coming soon!

Aunty Damaris

Manager of Girls Houses

Aunty Bella

Assistant Manager of Girls Houses

Profile coming soon!

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Rafiki Mwema

Board of Directors

Sarah Rosborg

Sarah Rosborg

Founder & Director

Nicci Meredith Rafiki Mwema

Nicci Meredith

Board Member

Kerry Boiko


Damian Kelliher


Mitali Tyagi

Board Member

Louise Acheson


Sib Scott

Board Member

Rafiki Mwema Volunteers

Claire Harding

Board Member

Áine Flannery



Other team members

Lou Keys

Marketing Manager

Eddison Matti

I.T Guru

Victoria Dyte

Web Design

Natasha Reddrop

Lead Sponsor Team

Áine Flannery

Risk & Governance

Mark Greer


Ben Hemming


Simone Stroet

Market manager

Col Dyte

Graphic Design

Julie Wilson


Sue Fuge

Online Store

Mia McCandless

Social Media

Rachelle Stone


Lauren Morton


Azy Khoshkam

Web Design

Georgina Karavatakis

Social Media

Cathlin Southern

EDM Expert

Sally Lindenberg

Admin Angel

Tanima Haque

Social Media

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We also have a long list of casual volunteers who help us on a daily basis with various admin and fundraising tasks in Australia. There are too many to list here, but we appreciate every one of them!

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