Charisma and compassion in our Doyle Farm team

Every month, our team in Kenya nominates a colleague for our Employee of the Month award. Aunty Fancy is April’s winner!

Our employee of the month for April is the amazing Aunty Fancy. Joining the team at Rafiki Mwema in 2016, Aunty Fancy has been Manager of the Boys House for six years. Through this role she helps our boys as they navigate their way through what is a difficult and confronting time providing stability, support and warmth. In doing so she models a new way for these children, erasing the perception of a difficult and unfair world.

As a mother to our boys she may just have one of the toughest jobs in the organisation. But you would never know it. She’s compassionate, reliable and always hard-working – no matter what obstacles arise.

A leader who unites and uplifts her team

There were clear themes through Aunty Fancy’s nominations. These spoke to her charismatic leadership, a quality which makes her a much-loved team member at Doyle Farm. She judges no one, holds no favourites and has importantly bought unity to the staff under her care.

Here are a just a few of the nominations, in the words of our team:

  • “She is so passionate about her work. She loves and listens to everyone without being judgemental. Fancy always uplifts those who are down and when we ask for help from her, she never turns us down. She does her duties, even beyond what she was supposed to do and is a role model to be emulated by all staff.”
  • “She is the mother figure to the boys. Through that she has helped them to understand themselves and trying to be responsible people in the future.”
  • “She has managed to bring peace and unity among staffs and boys.”
  • “She has brought equality among the staff and boys. This has made everyone feel part of the team and family. She is ready to listen to everyone without favouritism. She is fantastic.”

Congratulations, Aunty Fancy, on being our April employee of the month. You are so deserving of this award!

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