Con's Queens

What you've achieved

Kings Castle Queens Castle Ahuru Malkia Mtoto Office Rafiki Way

Thank you

Constance and her Queens have taken Rafiki Mwema to new heights.  We have achieved more than we ever imagined since Constance came into our lives. With her love and support, and the support of her Queens, we are able to continue what we have always dreamed of;

Supporting these children who, without us, have no one.

The hearts in the map above represent projects that Constance and her Queens have made possible. Whether you donated a few dollars to one of our fundraisers or bought something from Queen the Label, in turn enabling her to make huge personal donations, we are eternally grateful to you.

This amazing map is designed by our resident graphic designer, Col at Drawn Upon.

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Rafiki Mwema Registered Charity
FIA Organisational Member - Code Compliant
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