Employee of the Month – May

We are so excited about the winner of this months award! This lady is such a hard worker, in fact every nomination for her mentions this as one of her key attributes. We are proud …

We are so excited about the winner of this months award! This lady is such a hard worker, in fact every nomination for her mentions this as one of her key attributes. We are proud to announce our wonderful staff member Naomi as Employee of the Month for March!

Congratulations on your outstanding work at Rafiki Mwema! Whilst you are often silent, when you do speak it can just take a couple of words from you and you bring the room down with laughter.  Passionate, dedicated, faithful, honest and flexible in your role and always there to assist who ever might need your help, whenever they need it – you should feel so proud of possessing these amazing qualities.

Naomi has been recognised as a very caring friend to all of her colleagues and a very special motherly connection to our children, which is so important to us.

Here are some of the nominations for Naomi and congratulation on being voted our Employee of the Month for April!

“Auntie Naomi is my nominee this month based on the growth I’ve seen in her ever since she joined the Rafiki Family. She has morphed into more of a mother figure especially for the small girls. She is a role model for the girls who want to be like her especially given she is young. To the staff, she is a breath of fresh air, ever with a smile and a correctly timed pun to bring laughter to a room. She is an amazing and integral part of the team at Rafiki Mwema”.

“Naomi has a golden heart. She is so patient with kids and staffs. She is not easily angered despite being put in so much pressure and provocation. She is of course neat and presentable”.

“One outstanding thing I have admired about Naomi is that whenever she prepares children during visits and court days. The children are dressed neatly and presentably. She always packs the child’s necessities as per the requirement. As a matter of fact, Naomi is not a grumbler/complainer. She performs her duties wholeheartedly”.

“She is most committed and dedicated person. Naomi connects so well with the children. She is so flexible when assigned duties and deals so well with other staff members. Naomi is respectful and very mature in solving big behaviours and emotions that arises occasionally from the children. She is terrific in welcoming our new children when they arrive. She actively participates in all trainings and her participation has helped her understand and apply therapy knowledge in a heathy dealing with children and the staff in general. She is a wonderful team player. I highly recommend my nominee for employee of the month recognition award”.

“She is a caring lady, loving, humble, she is flexible when she’s signed to any duty. She has also a wonderful connection with the kids and the staff. I can say Rafiki Mwema is lucky to have this lady”.

Rafiki Mwema: Our Employees of the Month

We’re delighted to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our Kenyan team each month. Their commitment to our children is what makes Rafiki Mwema so special and we are fortunate to have such a wonderful team to celebrate. Catch up on our previous winners HERE.

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