• I/We understand the terms and conditions under which any fundraising activities benefiting Rafiki Mwema need to operate.
  • I/We will endeavour to ensure that Rafiki Mwema representatives are informed of the development of any fundraising concepts and approve any promotional material or media releases citing Rafiki Mwema as the beneficiary.
  • I/We have read Rafiki Mwema’s terms and conditions and offer to hold the fundraising event in accordance with those terms and conditions.
  • I/We agree to send the proceeds raised to Rafiki Mwema within 14 days of the conclusion of the fundraising event.
  • I/We agree to conduct my event in a manner which upholds Rafiki Mwema’s integrity, professionalism and values.
  • I/We agree to inform Rafiki Mwema if the details of my Event deviate from those stated in this Agreement to Fundraise.
  • I/We agree to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement to Fundraise.

Australian Governments have developed legislation in each State and Territory governing the conduct of fundraising (the Fundraising Acts). Under the Fundraising Acts, anyone wishing to raise money for charitable purposes on behalf of another organisation must hold an authority to fundraise issued by that organisation. So, before you get started in your fundraising for Rafiki Mwema, we will need to authorise your fundraising activity (or Event). All individuals, groups or organisations who wish to fundraise must accept certain conditions and register with us, whatever the size of the event or the donation (cash or kind). This Agreement to Fundraise (or Agreement) is designed to assist you in planning your Event in support of Rafiki Mwema. It is a legally binding agreement made between you (as the fundraiser) and Rafiki Mwema and contains some important terms and conditions.

By agreeing to these Terms of Fundraising you acknowledge that:

You do not have any pending/current charges or past criminal convictions relating to a sexual offence. You do not have any convictions of a violent nature or assault. You have never been convicted, with or without trial of, pleaded guilty or no contest to a theft or fraud charge. You are not currently awaiting or attending a trial or been arrested for a theft, fraud charge, sexual offence, assault or crime of a violent nature.

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