What two activities do the Rafiki children love most? Swimming lessons and bike riding. Each week, we load the children into the van and transport them to swimming lessons. For the children that love to ride bikes, we supply the parts and teach them bike maintenance skills. At the house, we have an assemblage of play equipment that provides the children with a constructive and rewarding way to use their energy. It all comes at a considerable cost, but is essential to the holistic development and recovery of these children.

The children see these play activities simply as fun. We see them as much more than that, because we know that their play is easing their trauma-related stress and building their emotional resilience.

Supporting a sexually abused child is only the first step; their healing is a long and complex journey. With your support, we can help these children rebuild their lives and give them back the childhoods they were robbed of.


Enrich the life of a child through play by donating $10 per month.

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