Code of Conduct – Volunteers

Scheduled Review Date: 11/08/2021


This Code of Conduct states what the Rafiki Mwema Incorporated (Rafiki) organisation values are and how we conduct ourselves at work.  It represents the culture we strive to have, how we would like to be seen by others and a shared commitment to the way we have agreed to behave while carrying out our work.

Rafiki has adopted the following Code of Conduct that all staff members and volunteers (including Board and Committee members within Australia, United Kingdom and Kenya) agree to adhere to.  In agreeing to work for Rafiki, all paid and volunteer staff agree to abide by the values of Rafiki as prescribed in this Code of Conduct.

1. Ensuring Child Safety and Welfare

Rafiki is committed to promoting and protecting at all times, the best interests of children involved in its programs.  Regardless of their specific job role, all staff and volunteers must be made aware of the Rafiki Child Protection Policy and Child Protection Procedure, must have signed the Rafiki Child Protection Agreement and agree to abide by the contents of these documents.

Staff and volunteers must report any form of abuse or suspected abuse, exploitation, harassment or neglect of children to their supervisor who will take any necessary action as described in the Child Protection Procedure.

2. Prohibition Against Sexual Harassment

Rafiki strives to maintain a workplace that is free from illegal discrimination and harassment. While all forms of harassment are prohibited, it is the organisation’s policy to emphasise that sexual harassment is specifically prohibited. Any staff member or volunteer who engages in discriminatory or harassing conduct towards is subject to removal from employment with Rafiki. Complaints alleging misconduct on the part of staff members or volunteers will be investigated promptly and as confidentially as possible by the Chief Executive Officer or delegate.

3. Confidentiality

Staff members and volunteers are reminded that confidential financial, personnel and other matters concerning the organisation, donors, staff or clients/consumers may be included in board materials or discussed from time to time.  Staff members and volunteers should not disclose such confidential information to anyone.

Protecting and respecting the privacy and confidentiality of Rafiki, its people, the children we care for, donors, partners and other supporters is a requirement for all Rafiki staff.  Staff and volunteers are also required to protect and respect the intellectual property, systems, methods and other business related practices developed and owned by Rafiki.

4. Accountability and Professionalism

Staff members and volunteers are expected to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and accountability by:

  • Committing to assist fellow workers and children in Rafiki care, treating all with compassion and respect.
  • Acknowledging that they are responsible for behaving in a way that enhances the reputation of Rafiki.
  • Conducting themselves honestly and reliably, being punctual and acting without favouritism at all times.
  • Taking responsibility for their work and performance for Rafiki.
  • Requesting support from others, when needed.

5. Respect

Respect of individual differences, diversity, privacy and personal space is a value Rafiki requires from staff members and volunteers.  Staff and volunteers must display this by abstaining from all forms of disrespectful or unlawful behaviour, such as discrimination of any kind, harassment, bullying or victimisation. 

Valuing and acknowledging the opinions and contributions of others is a requirement for Rafiki staff including volunteers. Staff members and volunteers must ensure relationships between staff members and the children in Rafiki care maintain appropriate boundaries and avoid behaviours that will adversely affect others.

6. Compliance

Rafiki staff members and volunteers must abide by the lawful requests and directions of the organisation and must behave in a lawful manner.  Any criminal charge or conviction that may impact on a staff member or volunteer’s ability to undertake my responsibilities must be disclosed to the organisation, recognising that failure to comply with this may result in disciplinary action.

If a staff member and volunteers identifies a workplace health and safety incident, risk, near-miss or hazard this must be brought to the attention of the staff member or volunteer’s supervisor.  When becoming aware of any suspected unethical behaviour, unlawful activities or wrongdoing by any staff member or volunteer, this must be reported promptly to the relevant supervisor or Chief Executive Officer.

7. Fitness to Work

Rafiki is committed to ensuring a safe and protective work environment for all staff and children in the care of Rafiki.  Staff and volunteers at Rafiki are accountable for exercising responsible consumption of alcohol or drugs and must not attend work in an impaired condition resulting from the use of alcohol or drugs.  Rafiki practices a zero alcohol and illegal drug policy when staff and volunteers are engaging in supporting children within the care of Rafiki.

Staff members and volunteers must notify their supervisor or the Chief Executive Officer of any change in personal circumstances that may impact the safe performance of their role.

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