A bus that fits our Rafiki family

Please donate to help us buy a minibus to help us transport our Rafiki children

Our family is big, active and busy – just like yours!

We help and care for Kenyan girls and boys who are survivors of sexual violence. They live with us on our farm, a refuge, for protection and care.

While they are with us, it is important that they can continue, or in some cases begin, their education, and attend medical appointments. The older children attend five different schools outside of Doyle Farm which can make the drop-offs and pick-ups a little hectic!

As you can see, our wheels travel many miles each and every day. With all this activity, our current much smaller transport vans are just not meeting the transportation needs of our 70+ children. Often the children are waiting for transport when they could be playing, learning and healing.

We are planning to upgrade our smaller van to a 33-seat mini-bus, which will be a game changer, but we need your help.

This will not only greatly reduce the amount of time that our children spend waiting to go between locations, but it will also increase the time that our Kenyan staff can spend on site, focusing on supporting the individual needs of each and every Rafiki child.

Make a donation towards our mini bus campaign now

We are grateful for all donations; nothing is too small to make a difference.

mini bus

If your amazing efforts mean that excess funds are raised beyond the fundraising target, these would be allocated to where they are most needed.

Should we not reach the fundraising target, we will do our best to seek alternative supplementary funds to purchase the bus, however if not possible, we would use the funds where most needed.

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