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Who is Rafiki Mwema?

‘Rafiki Mwema’ means “loyal friend” in Swahili. We are a registered Australian charity and international NGO with a mission to support Kenyan children through trauma by providing safety, nurture, education and hope.

Our Founder & Director, Sarah Rosborg, is the driving force behind Rafiki Mwema. She is dedicated to transforming the lives of children in Kenya and has worked tirelessly to break the cycle of abuse.

Why do we do this?

To break the cycle

When children experience trauma in early life, their brains are altered. Our work is to make them feel safe and loved so they can grow up to be balanced, loving adults – thereby breaking the cycle of abuse.

How do we do this?

Our farm

We have a 14-acre farm in Kenya where we house and therapeutically parent up to 70 children and check on a further 130 children who have left us and returned back to a loving family through our outreach program. We even have a school on the farm and grow our own food.

Community awareness and education

We work with the community to raise awareness and educate them on social issues.

Rafiki Mtaani

Our Rafiki Mtaani (translated to a friend on the street) program feeds the most vulnerable children who live on the streets of Nakuru and assesses injuries or illnesses daily. This is a lifeline for many.

In 2019, a tragic incident underscored the harsh reality of street life in Kenya, where a 13-year-old boy was burned to death for stealing a small sum to survive. Street individuals face constant fear and dehumanisation. Responding to this, our older (Rafiki Mwema) children sacrificed personal pleasures, redirecting funds to initiate ‘Give Up to Give,’ a weekly feeding program in town, sustained by generous contributions since 2019. COVID-19 exacerbated challenges as lockdowns left street children without resources, met with violent responses from local authorities. In this crisis, the Rafiki Community expanded its efforts through Rafiki Mtaani – A Friend on the Street, offering daily meals, medical aid, emotional support, and activities. Beyond sustenance, the program facilitates the reintegration of children into homes, provides showers for hygiene, and promotes dignity.

‘We won’t stay silent so many can remain comfortable’

It is a tough subject to talk about, no one enjoys hearing about child sexual abuse… We don’t enjoy talking about it…

But if we don’t speak up for these children and others around the world who will?

How you can help

When we keep silent, we allow the monsters harming these children to continue. We understand it is uncomfortable to speak on this subject, can you imagine how the child is suffering living it?

There is no government help for these children. It is our responsibility to support those who have no one to be their voice. We have the means and the influence to help, and it does not take much effort to change the lives of these angels who need us.

We need your help to spread our story.

Your passionate and authentic voice will go a long way in advocating for the elimination of child abuse in Kenya. Talk about us with your networks, share our children’s stories, support our campaigns…

together we can make a big difference

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