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Writing a letter may seem like such a small act of kindness but you have no idea how much it means to our children at Rafiki Mwema.

Sending letters to kids at Rafiki Mwema

Our kids love mail.

Some suggestions for things to send along with your letter could be: stickers, books and arts and craft material. Our boys are big fans of soccer. They love football pictures, cards, magazines, and USB's with movies, songs and things they can enjoy.

We don't accept visitors to the farm so we do ask that you don’t mention that "you would like to visit one day". That is a lovely idea but the children will get their hopes up and wait for you to arrive.

Also please remember that if the parcel is too large to fit the PO Box Rafiki Mwema will get charged to collect the parcel. This can often cost far more than the item is worth. For this reason, we suggest a letter/parcel no larger than an A5 size envelope.

Here's how to do it.



Please make sure the item is marked as having “no value” to ensure it makes it to Rafiki and puts a smile on the children's faces.



Please keep the package/letter small and use plain packaging; if the parcel looks exciting the likelihood is it won't get to its destination. This is the nature of the Kenyan postal system.



Rafiki Mwema
Rafiki Girls/Rafiki Boys
PO Box 4298
Kenya East Africa

Will I get a reply?

We are sure that writing back to these letters will give them just as much joy as receiving them, and as much as we would like to facilitate this we currently do not have the funds or resources to do so with all of our donations currently going to providing the essentials and more importantly the ongoing therapy to rebuild the children’s trust and their futures. We will however post photo updates of them receiving and reading these letters on our Facebook and website.

The staff at Rafiki Mwema will help the children read the letters and any stickers, craft items etc. will be shared around. While they speak the local language, Swahili, they are also learning English at the house and this program will be an educational tool.

Who would have thought so much goodness could come from writing a letter!

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