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Bring love, hope and healing to children who have found a safe refuge with Rafiki Mwema. 

Sponsor a child with Rafiki Mwema and create brighter futures for some of this world’s most vulnerable children.

Your sponsorship will provide therapy and trauma-informed care, education, medical treatment and a safe place to live. 

Your sponsorship opens a world of opportunities

At Rafiki Mwema, children’s lives are transformed through sponsorship. Many come from lives of abject poverty. For the first time, they enjoy running water and electricity, have enough food to eat, sleep in their own bed, wear new clothes, and receive health care. 

Your sponsorship provides for the daily needs of 70 children who live on Doyle Farm, including: 

Trauma-informed care by skilled, trained key workers.

Therapy to begin healing from complex trauma.

Positive parenting with zero tolerance for corporal punishment. 

Child empowerment, by including them in the decisions made about their lives.

A quality education with teachers who understand how trauma can affect a child’s ability to learn and participate.

A clean, comfortable living environment, running water, electricity, and nutritious meals.

Sports, excursions, movie nights and other fun activities.

Ongoing care through the Outreach Program when they leave Doyle Farm.

The care and protection we provide

At Rafiki Mwema, we rely on your donations and sponsorship to provide expert therapeutic services to children who are survivors of abuse, sexual assault, and neglect. 

Children live at Rafiki Mwema while their cases go through the court system. Due to cultural attitudes that place the blame on the victim, it’s not safe for them to live in their villages and communities during this time.  

In a world where justice is rare for the most impoverished and marginalised people, we champion children’s rights and fight to change the system. 

Children live with us for between a few months to years. When the time comes for children to leave Doyle Farm, we ensure they go home to a loving family who will keep them safe.  

Once they’re home, our Outreach Program maintains contact to ensure each child remains safe, cared for and is going to school. We provide this service right up to the age of 18. 

Together, we can change their world

Sponsor a child for AUD$50 a month

Why children need your help

Nearly half of Kenya’s population lives in poverty, which puts children at far greater risk of abuse and exploitation. 

Tragically in Kenya, sexual violence is extremely common, with 1 in 3 girls experiencing sexual violence during their childhood. In addition, thousands of children live on the street, having escaped home to join a “street family”. In Nakuru alone, it’s estimated that around 1,500 children live on the street. 


children at the farm


children on outreach


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How sponsorship works at Rafiki Mwema

Use an online account to access regular updates on your sponsored child and send them messages.

Receive tax-deductible receipts, issued annually at tax time, for your child sponsorship donations.

Write letters and send small gifts, such as stickers, to your sponsored child.

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