Wills and Bequests

A gift in your will to Rafiki Mwema will create brighter futures

A gift to the children of Rafiki Mwema in your will is one of the most enduring gifts that you can possibly give. Your generosity will live on, helping us to provide healing from trauma, justice and a safe refuge to more children. It’s a wonderful thing to be remembered for.

At Rafiki Mwema, we believe in the power of compassionate people like you to make a difference.

"I had no idea it was so easy to help my favourite charity when creating my will. It feels so good knowing that the funds I can no longer use will go to helping others."

- Victoria, NSW

Donate to charity in your will

How does it work?

Write or update your will

Once you take care of your family and loved ones, leaving a gift in your will to Rafiki Mwema will honour the values that are important to you.

Write your will for free online with Gathered Here, Australia’s leading online will-writing platform. It's free, easy, and can be done in less than ten minutes. Updates are free and unlimited. Get started today.

You might prefer to consult a solicitor who is experienced in wills and estates. Your will is an important document that should be properly prepared and executed.

If you already have a will, the most cost-effective way to include a gift for Rafiki Mwema is to add a codicil – a short legal amendment. Check with your solicitor to make sure a codicil is appropriate for the updates you wish to make.

Step 1

Notify your family and loved ones

We encourage you to let your family and loved ones know of your gift to Rafiki Mwema and how much it means to you. This will help ensure your final wishes are carried out.

It’s also important to advise any executors and guardians of your wishes.

Step 2

Wording for your will

You can use this wording to write a new will or to add a codicil to your existing will:

“I [insert name here] bequeath to Rafiki Mwema Incorporated, 1/144 River Street, Ballina NSW 2478 (ABN 676 400 637 30) for its general purposes [insert the value and type of bequeath here].

I declare that the receipt of my gift by the Treasurer or other authorised officer shall be a complete discharge of my Executor/s.”

Step 3

Decide on the value of your gift

Every gift helps - large or small

There are different ways you can remember Rafiki Mwema in your will, depending on your circumstances.

  • A residuary bequest

After first leaving gifts to your loved ones and payment of any financial commitments, this bequests the remainder of your estate.

  • A pecuniary bequest

This is a fixed sum of money.

  • A specific bequest

You may wish to leave us a particular item or asset that you own, which can be sold to support our work. It could be property or an item of value such as real estate, cars, art or a piece of jewellery.

  • A percentage bequest

This is a percentage value of your estate, which takes into account the value of your estate over time as it changes due to inflation and other fluctuations.

Step 4

Contact us to let us know

If you’ve made the wonderful decision to leave a gift for Rafiki Mwema in your will, we'd love to know so we can thank you personally. When we're aware, we can make informed plans for the future and keep you up to date about our work.

The decision to leave a gift in your will is a very personal one. Please be assured that any information you choose to share with us will be held in strict confidence and we will respect your privacy.

Write your will for FREE

Creating a will is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family, regardless of how much you own. And it's incredibly easy, once you've taken care of your loved ones, to nominate a charity you want to leave a gift for.

This is why we partnered with Gathered Here, a leading Australian online will-writing platform whose values and ethos we share. Did you know that 70 per cent of adult Australians don’t have a will? Gathered Here makes it easy, free and quick - just ten minutes - to create a will online.

Gathered Here give you the option to create a free, legally binding will, with free and unlimited updates for life - which would normally cost hundreds of dollars. While making a will online may not be for everyone, thousands of Australians have used Gathered Here to prepare their will.

Charity details: Rafiki Mwema Incorporated, 1/144 River Street, Ballina NSW 2478 (ABN 676 400 637 30)

Thank you for thinking of us. Your bequest will make an unforgettable difference to the children we care for now and well into the future.

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If you'd like more information or have questions about leaving a legacy gift to Rafiki Mwema, we are happy to help. Please contact us at:

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