‘Hip Hooray’ for birthday fundraisers

Creating a birthday fundraiser is the perfect way to make your special day count in a meaningful way. This year, we’re asking you to put aside the things you want for yourself and instead use …

Creating a birthday fundraiser is the perfect way to make your special day count in a meaningful way. This year, we’re asking you to put aside the things you want for yourself and instead use the occasion to raise funds for the things our children need. By doing this you will be playing an integral part in helping them heal and thrive. This birthday, choose to change lives.

Looking for an important and thoughtful way to celebrate her birthday, Rafiki Mwema supporter Eloise Roberts decided to hold a birthday fundraiser. As an expat living in Japan, she saw it as an opportunity to connect with family and friends abroad while also bringing some joy to herself and others.

Eloise (right) with her daughters

“For me there was no other choice but Rafiki Mwema,” said Eloise. “Anyone who has had an interaction with this wonderful charity falls in love with the children and its mission. Anything I can do to help, I am going to do it!”

Setting her target at 20,000 Yen (about AUD $250), Eloise embarked upon her first online birthday fundraiser. Choosing Facebook as her preferred method to fundraise, she gave herself approximately two weeks to reach her target. And with the support of her network she did.

Here we provide some helpful hints to get you started on your journey as a birthday fundraiser.

1. Create a fundraising page

Holding a birthday fundraiser for Rafiki Mwema is simple. Like Eloise, you can choose to use a third party platform such as Facebook, or you can register HERE and we’ll create your Fundraising Dashboard. Accessible any time, this is where you can set up your profile, ask for donations and keep people updated.

2. Set your target

There is no limit to how much you can fundraise, so be sure to aim high. Every month we are faced with a bill of AU$45k just to keep our doors open so every little bit helps. We don’t receive any government funding and rely solely on the generosity of sponsors and donors, just like you, to meet our running costs and fund projects that help transform the lives of our children.

Here’s a few ideas to help set a target amount:

  • AUD $40 will allow us to do a month’s worth of outreach and home visits to children that come from areas outside of Nakuru;
  • AUD $64 will provide any required medication for the children for one month;
  • AUD $150 will send one of our children to school for a year;
  • AUD $400 will feed all of our children for one week;
  • AUD $500 will cover our electrical bills, meaning our children can read at night, do their homework, we can cook our meals and keep our food fresh and cold.

Be sure to set a deadline for donations and create a sense of urgency (in this case your birthday). This will encourage people to donate sooner and also give you reason to send reminders.

3. Define your passion

When asking people to donate, clearly explain the cause, why it is important to you and the impact the funds will have. This is also the perfect opportunity to share images and videos to help connect your audience with our work. Sharing the emotion behind this important cause can help provide context and inspire action.

To help you get started, some useful text about Rafiki Mwema can be found a HERE.

4. Spread the message

Now it’s time to work it. Spread the message far and wide. Use your social media channels and contact lists to post, email, text and start conversations about your birthday fundraiser.

Make the process easy and consider asking for a specific, tangible amount from your contacts. For example – skip your coffee today and donate $5 / go caffeine free for a week and donate $25.

5. Say thank you

Be sure to say thank you to those that donate to you. Use it as an opportunity to keep everyone updated with your progress and remind others to get involved.

Having been through the process once, Eloise has a few words of wisdom to add:

“Be sure to add videos showing or explaining what Rafiki Mwema does, and do it on a daily basis. Remind people that no donation is too small. And remember that even if you don’t reach your goal, you have created awareness.”

Thank you Eloise!

Every little bit counts, so we’d love you to celebrate your next birthday with us. Jump online and start raising funds and awareness today. Register HERE.

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