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Coming into contact with exceptional individuals and companies is all in a day’s work at Rafiki Mwema. The innovative ways our community fundraise constantly impress us. The generosity we see and the commitment to our …

Coming into contact with exceptional individuals and companies is all in a day’s work at Rafiki Mwema. The innovative ways our community fundraise constantly impress us. The generosity we see and the commitment to our children is phenomenal. One area that we see individuals and organisations having a large impact is via workplace giving – specifically dollar matching.

Long-time Rafiki supporter Sarah Turner is one such individual. Supporting us since 2012, she’s amplified her fundraising by requesting her employer, 4 Pines Brewing Company, match her donations. By combining forces, they’ve donated an impressive $4,900 to change the lives of our children.

An inspiring individual and a forward-thinking company, their fundraising partnership is the perfect example of how you too can make your dollar go further. So of course we asked Sarah to tell us about her commitment to our cause.

dollar matching 4 pines

What first brought you to Rafiki Mwema and what inspired you to donate? 

I began supporting Rafiki Mwema in 2012. I had watched a documentary that shared the devastation that women and girls were facing in parts of Africa after conflict had occurred. Young girls pregnant at the age of 12. People with limbs cut off. Women being raped, tortured and made to watch as their husbands were murdered. I remember crying and thinking, “How can I be of help?”. I felt utterly powerless to make change.

Within days of viewing the documentary, I saw Rafiki Mwema on social media. Having met Sarah Rosborg previously, I knew it was a transparent charity. I knew I could trust her and I knew that she would make a huge impact. I began donating from that day on.

In 2014, I travelled through East Africa and had the opportunity to meet and spend time with the gorgeous girls at Rafiki Mwema including the girl I had sponsored, *Jasmine. They showed me so much kindness. I was showered in cuddles and spent time playing games in the yard and in the classroom. 

Rafiki Mwema offers rehabilitation, connection and love. I so admire what Sarah has since achieved over the years, connecting and supporting the children of Nakuru, Kenya.

So long as Rafiki Mwema exists, I am committed to contribute financially. Continued support and reliable donations ensure that the girls, boys and community of Nakuru – including those touched by Rafiki Mwema – have a safe refuge. They also have access to rehabilitation, education, meals and hope for a brighter future and justice.

Please note: Our policies in regards to visitors at Doyle Farm have changed since 2014. For more information, see our FAQs.

Can you share a little about the giving model at 4 Pines Brewing Company?

dollar matching 4 pines
4 Pines Brewing Company – Staff

I work for 4 Pines Brewing Company, a B Corp business committed to using business as a force for good, employing just under 200 people nation-wide. At 4 Pines we empower our people through our ‘1 for the Community’ program to give to the causes that are close to their hearts. 4 Pines then doubles their impact by donation dollar matching, dollar for dollar (with no limit).

We understand that our employees have their unique passions and causes that they are dedicated and connected to. By doubling their donation, 4 Pines helps our team to create a great bigger difference to the causes our people care about.

Another option our team have through ‘1 for the Community’ is giving their time through volunteering. Where people have volunteered their personal time to a cause they care about, 4 Pines will match their time with ‘1 for the Community’ leave, hour for hour (up to four days annually). 

Sarah and 4 Pines show us that there is great power in partnering. If you’re feeling motivated by their fundraising model, have a chat with your manager or HR team to find out if your workplace has a Workplace Giving program. Learn more about workplace giving and dollar matching on our blog.

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