Employee of the Month – Damaris

We are so excited about the winner of this months award! She is someone who puts effort into everything that she does and we are proud to announce our wonderful staff member Damaris as Employee …

We are so excited about the winner of this months award! She is someone who puts effort into everything that she does and we are proud to announce our wonderful staff member Damaris as Employee of the Month for August!

Damaris carries herself humbly, treats everyone with respect no matter the rank, and takes advice and corrections positively. She is a fast learner and it shows, as she are one of the newest staff members at Rafiki Mwema, but you would never know it! From the moment Damaris joined us she has been a mother figure to our small girls and her connection with them is clear.

Hardworking in any job she does and able to work without supervision are some of her key qualities, alongside being happy to pick up any job that needs to be done, without complaint. All of these traits are so valuable in a staff member which is why you are so valuable to us Damaris, and it is clear your colleagues feel the same way. Congratulations, Damaris! ‘You deserve to be celebrated’

Here are some of the nominations for Damaris and congratulations on being voted our Employee of the Month!

“She’s doing a good job taking the kids for home visit and she’s hard working, she deserves to be employee of the month.”

“Aunty Damaris has a good heart that makes it easy for her to connect so well with both the staff and the children”

“She puts the needs and the rights of our kid’s forefront and stands for the truth. She deserves to be celebrated”

“Damaris is wonderful team player who gives support when needed. She gets along well with people and knows how to accommodate others.”

“This lady is just amazing, the work she does, she do it with passion and determination she is just new but the work she does can’t be compared to a lot of the staffs whom have been there for sometimes. For her to even do better than that she also needs to be recognized and noticed of what she does, awarding her the staff of the month award may motivate her in a big way. To me she deserves this award.”

“Despite being a newcomer, her work is highly commendable. The bonding with the kids is on another level. She is free and kind to all without discrimination. I just love her work.”

“She is kind. She is patient and loving and understanding to both the staffs and the kids. She is a quick learner she learns very fast. She is a first learner, she has natural given empathy. She brings new ideas for team building.”

“Dama is a very dedicated lady who is very willing to learn at all times despite her being the newest staff. She is very hardworking lady, and she bonds very well with our kids especially the small girls, she acts as a mother figure to them.”

“The little time I have spent with her I came realize that she is so friendly and understanding she is loving and caring and kind to everyone who is around her both the kids and the staffs and also, she is hard working and give it to her level best and again she is always ready to be corrected and she takes it positively.”

“She is so passionate with her work and does her work without any supervision.”

“A hard worker and a person who is willing to work for success.”

“Dama is very flexible and selfless person to both the staff and the children especially the small girls. She is a mother figure to the small girls and the girls are very happy when they are with her.”

“Sometimes taking younger children for visits is challenging but you have motherly love that makes you bear some of the challenges.”

“She works with passion she is innovative on all grounds.”

Rafiki Mwema: Our Employees of the Month

We’re delighted to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our Kenyan team each month. Their commitment to our children is what makes Rafiki Mwema so special and we are fortunate to have such a wonderful team to celebrate. Catch up on our previous winners HERE.

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