Oprah on 60 minutes – You are speaking our words!

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Dear Oprah We have just watched a clip of 60 mins and we can’t tell you the excitement this generates as we feel as if you are speaking our words. We have 70 deeply traumatised children in four therapeutic houses in Kenya. Each and every one of our children has a

a young man who life almost missed…

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Being in Kenya is always a roller coaster of emotion and none more than this trip. I find that I move from laughing to crying from moment to moment. Things are pretty full on at this moment and we face some tough decisions in the next few days – when that happens you can forget

First Day Nerves at School…

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It’s that time of year again with many children starting school for the first time.. or even just a new year in a different grade/school. A wonderful insight into what some little ones might be thinking.. written by our wonderful founder Anne-Marie from The Annex Project..

Christmas Campaign 2017

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Feeling proud and emotional and missing our Kenyan family more than ever at this special time of year. After our ‘feed our family in town’ campaign yesterday, we had such a wonderful response from you all and it was recieved well in town and our boys enjoyed the day so much. 

The past is haunting her

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The past of one of our beautiful girls is continuing to haunt her. This Rafiki Angel has a past life that I don’t think many of us could survive. She was prostituted for 10 years until she came to us at 12 years old. She is now 17. She struggles in daily life but she

Our Kings Castle

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    Building the King's Castles (Taken from Constance's Facebook Page - Embeded below) Remember that time we built a home for sexually abused baby Queens in Kenya? And we showed the world that we won't be fucked with coz Queens are the shit? And my whole life

Our Video Link is a Reality

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This may be one the most mind-blowing moments of our project. The day the video link went live really can’t tell the story of the eight years prior. Eight years of planning, talking, being told how ridiculous our plan was; Anne-Marie being turned away from meetings because she was a ‘silly woman’ and yet the

Why is play important?

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You might see a lot of photos with our children playing, swimming, dancing and there is a really good reason for that! When we first started working with our boys, it was when they lived very tough and dangerous lives on the streets of town. I had always had a want to work with these