September Employee of the Month – Kelly

We are so excited about the winner of this months award! He is someone who is hardworking, passionate about his work, and dedicated to our children. We are proud to announce our wonderful staff member …

We are so excited about the winner of this months award! He is someone who is hardworking, passionate about his work, and dedicated to our children. We are proud to announce our wonderful staff member Kelly as Employee of the Month for September!

Kelly is so outgoing and personable. He uses these traits to interact so positively with our children and the kids fund it easy to approach him, discuss challenges, and in some instances share their secrets in confidence with him. This kind of trust is so valued in our staff and we are proud that Kelly embodies this.

Kelly is a loving dedicated young man who gives everything to Rafiki Mwema. He is very talented and has never shied away from showing and sharing his gifts with the children and staff alike. He has been part of all the houses and his input has been valuable. Always offering a helping hand whenever he can, and one to accept correction gracefully, Kelly is a true embodiment of the Rafiki spirit. He is always armed with a smile for everyone and a welcoming aura. Kelly’s work speaks for him. From soccer, basketball, dance, music and poetry, food and pastry, art and academics, Kelly can surely do it all.

Here are some of the nominations for Kelly and congratulations on being voted our Employee of the Month!

“He is very flexible and he has a very loving and teaching spirit. He is good in baking and cooking so he teaches staffs and children how to prepare delicious meals.”

“Kelly is passionate about his work especially in school where he spends most of the time teaching the girls. His work has greatly changed the performance of the girls and it is evident from the girls transiting from Jasiri school to outside school.”

“Kelly has a passion in teaching, cooking and sports that enables him deliver a hundredfold in Rafiki Mwema. He spends most of his time teaching the girls in Jasiri school and his comic character makes it very easy for him to connect with the girls and also the boys. He previously used to bake cakes for birthdays which means a lot to both the girls and boys and everyone loved the yummy cakes. The boys also connect with him through sports and being a role model by encouraging them to being responsible young men. His input is out here which everyone has seen and felt in one way or the other.”

” He is a father figure to the girls, numerous talents that he offers both to staff and children.”

“He is talented in almost everything, he is very flexible in teaching dances and dramas to our children He is multi talented and also has many skills. He bakes, cooks and teaches dance moves.”

“Kelly is a star, he is a shinning star but he doesn’t know how to use his brightness, someone need to remove the cloth that he is using to cover his light. He has a lot, if only he can share his light with all of our children at the farm could have one of the best talents, he is talented in sports, in music and also he is a good teacher. He has a beautiful heart.”

“Kelly is so interacting and so charismatic. He connects so well with children, and they like him. He is smart and able to deal positively and therapeutically with emotional and big behaviors that are shown by children at Rafiki Mwema. He is a fast learner especially on therapy trainings we get and is always the first to practice new therapeutic approaches learned for the sake of assisting the kids. Most of the kids find it so comfortable to share even their sad stories to him as he has worn their trust. Kelly is very flexible, and he always find new activities to engage both boys and girls and this makes him their favourite uncle.”

“He is has developed heathy boundaries with his learners. He is also a computer guru and much ready to give a helping hand when needed. He is an all-round individual whereby he is a good chef, both a dancer and a trainer, a teacher and a role model to many kids. He accepts tasks easily, most recently, I approached him requesting him to type for me Rafiki Mtaani exams and he accepted it without hesitation.”

Rafiki Mwema: Our Employees of the Month

We’re delighted to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our Kenyan team each month. Their commitment to our children is what makes Rafiki Mwema so special and we are fortunate to have such a wonderful team to celebrate. Catch up on our previous winners HERE.

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