Employee of the Month – March

We are so excited about the winner of this months award! This lady is such a hard worker but as she is such a quiet achiever that her efforts often go un-recognised. We are proud …

We are so excited about the winner of this months award! This lady is such a hard worker but as she is such a quiet achiever that her efforts often go un-recognised. We are proud to announce our wonderful staff member Regina as Employee of the Month for March!

Congratulations on your outstanding work at Rafiki Mwema! We are continually impressed by you and it’s clear to us that your colleagues feel the same while reading through the nominations you received. Your hard work, readiness to learn, flexibility at work, honesty to all, boldness in what you do no matter the challenge you face, your intelligence in tackling the most difficult tasks and your caring nature has become an asset that all have noticed.
Our Rafiki family is so lucky to have a person of your calibre around. Someone who is so good in keeping boundaries and creating an environment that accommodates everyone irrespective of departments. Rafiki Mwema are indeed very proud of you, Regina and wish all the best in your future endeavours with us!

Regina has been recognised as hardworking, ready to learn any time and for doing her work so well. She is also displays some great qualities like honesty and flexibility and demonstrates discipline and boundaries when working with the boys. She has passion for whatever she does and is a great team player.

Here are some of the nominations for Regina and congratulation on being voted our Employee of the Month for March!

“Regina is among the most intelligent staff, and she uses therapy for everything. She is always ready for work, and she always has sound judgement on day-to-day challenges”.

“Regina has impressed the team by her performance and hard work. She has great skills and efforts. she brings her best to work every single day especially in the small boy’s house. She does her job so gracefully and neatly. she makes the work environment so friendly, taking all her responsibility seriously, and completing her work on time most times. she never fails to grab the perfect opportunities and deliver the best outcome in time”.

“Regina is very helpful and caring to our children. At times she notices their struggle before they speak. She has been loving to our children and staff and very honest. It’s very rare to find her in arguments and very hardworking. She multitasks and does it excellently”.

“A hard-working person, emphasized with vulnerable children especially the most difficult to deal with, she connects very well with them
She is a honest genuine lady who is very caring to others and emotionally attached to others this includes kids and staffs. She is very hardworking and committed to her work”.

“She goes extra mile into giving herself to others selflessly, forming strong relationship patterns with the children. She is more of a mother in her nature and she is a wonderful team player to work with at all times”.

“She advises a lot from her empathetic unique character and easily works. She is self driven making it easy for her to work, looking at her she values justice for everyone and also a fun lively fellow to be around with. She is so hardworking and able to multitask. She is always flexible and so caring”.

“Regina is always lively and joyful. She is very passionate and she can work under any circumstances. Very strong and so supportive in the boys house”.

“Since starting her role at the boys house, her work ethic has stood out. She delivers her duties so well and ensures every assignment is to the satisfaction and betterment of the organization.”

Rafiki Mwema: Our Employees of the Month

We’re delighted to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our Kenyan team each month. Their commitment to our children is what makes Rafiki Mwema so special and we are fortunate to have such a wonderful team to celebrate. Catch up on our previous winners HERE.

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