At Rafiki Mwema, we support the children in our care to build relationships with their families and move back home when it’s safe to do so. Sadly, it will never be safe for some girls to return home. This is the situation for eleven teenage girls and five younger girls living with us on Doyle Farm.

Once they turn 18, these girls must move out of Doyle Farm and back into the community. This was the plan for two of our teenage girls, but it's become clear that they need much more support to manage independent lives.

To guide our new 18-year-olds on their journey to independence, we’ve come up with the perfect solution!

Rosey House to help them transition...

It’s called Rosey House, a supportive transition home. As each of our girls on Doyle Farm turn 18, they’ll move into Rosey House to begin their independent new lives in the community. With round-the-clock care from our key workers, the young women will learn valuable life skills and continue their education until they’re ready to leave us as responsible young adults.

This isn’t all we have planned for Rosey House...


14 years ago, when Sarah and Anne-Marie first visited Kenya, they met two sisters who’d suffered unimaginable horrors. Their big behaviours, the result of their trauma, made it unsafe for them to live on Doyle Farm with our other girls. However, Rosey House will make the perfect home for the sisters, now aged 14 and 16.


The right home for an extra special situation

If you met them, you might question our worries. They smile, they laugh, they chat - until they can’t. That switch can go on at any moment. They then display their complex trauma in the only way they know how. They take control and that is rarely pretty!

The sisters are at risk of continuing the tragic cycle of abuse if they don’t receive full-time, therapeutic parenting and care. They’re beautiful through and through but their thoughts and behaviours are driven by nightmares. One of them can become suicidal. They have complex PTSD. At Rosey House, we can provide them with all the support they need to recover and live a life free of fear.

Asante - Thank you

It can feel overwhelming to hear the stories of our children - and we thank you for listening. We hope that you’ll decide that no child should ever exist in fear and shame, have no-one to comfort them or believe that they count for nothing in this world.

We invite you to help us create brighter futures for these four teenage girls. Rosey House needs your support to keep running. If you’d like to sponsor a Rafiki Mwema child, donate to Rosey House or run a fundraiser, we would be so grateful!


Instructions on how to bid for the silent auction

To Register via SMS

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  3. Example: rafiki John Smith
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To Register via browser

  1. Visit: https://app.galabid.com/rafiki
  2. Click on the ‘Register’ button
  3. Enter your details and click ‘Register’
  4. You will then receive a text to your mobile phone with a verification link. Clicking the link will take you to the auction where you can log in with the password you entered during registration. You are now ready to bid.

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