Christmas at Doyle Farm 2023

Experience the heartwarming joy of Christmas at Rafiki Mwema, where our children and staff celebrated thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporter, Debbie Bischoff. Discover the magic of the day, filled with dance, delicious meals, and festive outfits, all made possible by Debbie’s selfless contributions. Join us in expressing gratitude to our Rafiki Supporters for their continuous assistance, ensuring a year-round haven for these children. Explore the enchanting moments captured in photos that showcase the impact of your support. Together, we create lasting memories of love, joy, and hope for the Rafiki Mwema family.

This Christmas, the joy and warmth at Rafiki Mwema were amplified by the generosity of our dedicated supporter, Debbie Bischoff.

Debbie not only covered all the expenses for the celebration at Doyle Farm but also ensured that each of our children received a new outfit, making the occasion truly special.

The festivities kicked off in the morning with both children and staff coming together to prepare the day’s meals. While some of the younger girls danced and reveled in the day’s excitement, others were busy in the kitchen ensuring a delicious feast for everyone. The entire atmosphere was filled with joy as the children showcased their new Christmas attire. The day unfolded beautifully with dance, refreshing drinks, delightful snacks, and a sumptuous meal.

Every child reveled in the festivities, indulging in chocolates, cake cutting, sweets, ice cream, sodas, meats, fruits, vegetable soup, pilau, rice, chips, and chicken. It was a day of pure enjoyment, gratitude, and appreciation for the goodness and fun that filled the air.

Debbie, your unwavering support and kindness truly make a difference in the lives of our children, and for that, we are immensely grateful. To all our Rafiki Supporters, your continued assistance is invaluable, ensuring that our children receive the care and support they need throughout the year. We extend our heartfelt thanks and invite you to relish the captured moments in the attached photos. Your support is truly making a lasting impact on the lives of these children.

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