October Employee of the Month – Violet

We are so excited about the winner of this months award! Every nomination spoke about her as being a mother figure to our children which is something we are so grateful for. So proud to …

We are so excited about the winner of this months award! Every nomination spoke about her as being a mother figure to our children which is something we are so grateful for. So proud to announce our wonderful staff member Violet as Employee of the Month for October!

The children of Rafiki Mwema love Violet and it’s clear that you she loves them just as much.  Her peers see her as very hard working no matter what task she are given and forever punctual to work although you live a far away from Doyle Farm.

Violet is empathetic to staff and children, respected by all and always jovial.  Continually around for the children with whatever support they might need. She is a very talented seamstress and always making the girls hair look so smart. So many have commented on the very special connection she has with her key children.  She loves and is loved. Violet this is a well-deserved win! We are very lucky to have you as part of the Rafiki Mwema family.  Keep doing exactly what you are doing.

Here are some of the nominations for Violet and congratulations on being voted our Employee of the Month!

“She is very passionate and has a very great connection to her key boys. She is an amazing friend and always jovial.
She is a mother figure to the boys. Children love her stories.”

“She is a mother figure to our boys and girls and they respected her because she has been able to connect to both boys and girls she has unconditional love for both staffs and children she always encourage our boys to work hard and give them support in their studies when they have difficulties in the school subjects and led the boys to do devotion before they sleep she is also flexible in all her assigned duties and she empathized with both staffs and children when they are in difficulties moments she has hair making skills and she always makes our girls to look smart when they go to school we are lucky to have violet in our Rafiki family.”

“She is very passionate about her work, and she also takes good care of her key children. She always has meeting with them both every time and she is always updated with their progress. She is very flexible and works both day and night very comfortably and she always completes every duty assigned to her by the management. she is like a mother to our boys and all the boys love her and she loves them all equally.”

“Violet is flexible, she is ever punctual despite the fact that she lives far from her job. She is a mother figure & she keep boundaries.
She is a caring mother to the kids, she treats all kids the same, she is a hardworking mother.”

“Violet is an instrumental phenomenal woman that I personally admire for her work ethic, she is an all-round person who understands her roles very well and she is a key player at the boys house.”

Rafiki Mwema: Our Employees of the Month

We’re delighted to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our Kenyan team each month. Their commitment to our children is what makes Rafiki Mwema so special and we are fortunate to have such a wonderful team to celebrate. Catch up on our previous winners HERE.

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