This years Gift Exchange is now closed. Enjoy giving and receiving everyone and thanks for your support!

The Gift Exchange is our annual love-fest where people all around the world send gifts to strangers we partner them up with. You give a gift, you get a gift. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up to gift exchange by donating $5 to Rafiki Mwema. Adults (18+) will join the Adults group. Kids (17 & under) will join the Kids Group. You must donate $5 for each exchange you join.

  • You will receive a link in your email immediately after your donation. You will need to click the link in the email, and RSVP in Elfster to take part. Failure to do this step will mean you will miss out.

  • RSVP with Elfster. This year there is only one group for adults, no matter where you are in the world. If you are wanting to send internationally, please make sure to check this section when RSVPing. 

When joining for a child, you will need to create a Child Account. Please see details here on how to do that.


    • You will also get a link to our Facebook group. Please make sure you join, because this is where the fun happens! This is also where you’ll share more details about you to your gift-giver, and you’ll learn about the person you’re gifting to.


    • On October 15th you will be assigned a partner. You will receive this information via email. This will include their name and postal address. You can look for your partner in our Facebook group, and get to know them there. The person you are gifting is not the same person that is gifting to you.


    • You will need to send your gift by November 15th. The budget for the gift/s you gather must be a minimum of AUD$30 in value. To make it fair to all, we ask that you do not go under this budget. You may go over this budget at your own discretion. This price does not include postage. International postage is expensive so please consider this when selecting where you will post to.


  • Make sure you wrap your gifts. Do not buy online and send direct to your partner. This is not allowed.

Just like every year, and as mentioned above, all entry fee donations will be going to Rafiki Mwema, a beautiful charity in Kenya that raises funds to support and home gorgeous kids who have had a tough start to life. This year the funds will help them with some of their water harvesting needs at Doyle Farm (below).  They have received a quote for 2 x 10,000 litre water tanks including installation. You can see the conversion of costs below and a live update of the goal. Thank you for being part of something so wonderful.

320,000.00 Kenyan Shillings = 4,110 Australian Dollars


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