Project Description

Asante Sana to Barefruit Marketing..

Who are they?

Claire has worked in the Marketing Communications industry for over 20 years, starting her career in a regional Marketing agency in England. She went on to work with some of the best agencies in London with brands including Royal Carribean Cruises and Strongbow, before moving to Australia with her husband Evan. Claire’s role at Barefruit is to oversee the Strategic direction of your business and ensure the smooth running of campaigns. Claire is also a board member for our Charity of choice ‘Rafiki Mwema’, a safe house for young, traumatised children in Kenya. When she’s not at work (which is rare) you can usually find Claire at the gym or a wine bar.

Why do they choose to help Rafiki Mwema?

Sarah is one on my dearest friends, so when she asked me if I would be a board member for Rafiki Mwema it was a no brainer. She devotes her life to the children at Rafiki and if I can help her and them in anyway, I will.

Becoming a Corporate Sponsor was also non-negotiable for us at Barefruit. Rafiki Mwema’s HQ is located in our office and our team see first-hand the love, passion and tears that go into the running of Rafiki Mwema from both Sarah and I.

They see the constant need to raise funds to support our children in Kenya, they see how as soon as one fundraiser ends, the next begins. They see it is a constant battle to make sure we have the funds in the bank to pay for the ongoing running costs a house of 70 children needs, the ongoing costs to support our 120+ children that have returned home, the 45 full time, fully trained Kenyan staff in our houses and in our outreach team, the unforeseen medical expenses that are unfortunately part of rescuing and caring for severely sexually abused young children.

The work we do at Rafiki Mwema is in perfect alignment with our values, both personal and professional. We allow each of our staff to devote some time to Rafiki, and as a sponsor and board member, Barefruit is involved in the planning and marketing of events and fundraisers.

Being a sponsor is rewarding in so many ways, for all of us. Our staff take pride in being part of Rafiki, our children write to the children in Kenya, the whole Barefruit team helps Rafiki in their own way, from running their own fundraisers, to helping us with events. They see the difference our support makes, first hand.

I encourage any business of any size with a soul, to consider becoming a Corporate Sponsor for Rafiki Mwema. You will be joining a group of the most awesome, caring, driven individuals, from small business owners, to big corporates, philanthropists and celebrities.

It doesn’t have to be big – if we all just do something, we can make a difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in the world – and give them a voice and the childhood they deserve.