Building the King’s Castles

(Taken from Constance’s Facebook Page – Embeded below)

Remember that time we built a home for sexually abused baby Queens in Kenya?

And we showed the world that we won’t be fucked with coz Queens are the shit?

And my whole life was changed by the outpour of support that was shown to our baby Kenyan Queens..

Well Rafiki has boys too.. Sexually abused, beaten, abandoned little boys. That they care for and love no matter how difficult these hurt little kings behave. Rafiki is there.

So I have decided that $1 of every book I sell is going to the Kings. To our Kings, who might not have parents but they have Rafiki and now they have us. And we will build them a home too. ??

It is a beautiful world. Thanks for always inspiring me to do more for it.