The past of one of our beautiful girls is continuing to haunt her. This Rafiki Angel has a past life that I don’t think many of us could survive. She was prostituted for 10 years until she came to us at 12 years old. She is now 17. She struggles in daily life but she can give you details of all the evil men that raped her. She can’t manage in school and believes her ‘job’ is to have sex with all men.


All funds raised from participants of Trek for my Rafiki will go towards building this sweet girl her very own forever home on our land with her carer so she gets the love and attention she deserves. 


She has been loved and cared for everyday of her life with us. She has accessed therapy when she can but she is very very sick. She has PTSD and the psychiatrist has now diagnosed her with bi- polar. Her head simply can’t cope with the years of fear and abuse she has experienced and she is breaking.

She has recently been admitted to hospital with psychotic episodes. Our beautiful young girl just couldn’t keep coping.

Her specialist treatment was expensive and she will need round the clock care for the foreseeable future. She is frightened and frightening. She needs our love and care.

If we were not here for her she would have to go into a psychiatric ward which would be absolutely terrifying for her and very, very dangerous.  We want to bring her home to ‘Malkia Mtoto'(originally built by Constance Hall for new girl’s arrival… until we can build her her own small hut) where she can be nurtured and loved the way she deserves and we would like to employ 2 staff so she can have 24/7 care. There is no where else for her to be apart from with us. We need your help to keep her as well as possible.

To do this we need 8 more monthly sponsors for her.  If you would like to sponsor please sign up over on our website here and just make a note that you would like to sponsor *Elizabeth.

If you would be in a position to donate towards the huge hospital bill that we have and her ongoing medical costs please head over to this page here and choose the best option for donating that suits you. Please just make a note that it is for *Elizabeth Medical.

See hospital bill below: