Our plan for Covid-19

As we are sure you are all by now aware, the situation regarding the COVID-19 is changing rapidly and we all need to do our best to help manage the situation. While the number of …

As we are sure you are all by now aware, the situation regarding the COVID-19 is changing rapidly and we all need to do our best to help manage the situation. While the number of confirmed cases in Kenya is low (currently 7), Rafiki Mwema is treating the threat of this virus seriously. At this time, there is no known exposure to the virus within the Rafiki Mwema community, but we know that the situation can change as more cases are identified.

One of the best things we can do is to try to keep our children, staff and volunteers as healthy as possible. To help with this, everyone at Doyle Farm has been instructed to maintain good hygiene practices, particularly regarding regular hand washing and coughing or sneezing into a tissue or elbow rather than hands. We have installed more hand soap at all washing points throughout the farm for staff and students to use. The small girls will be assisted with this by staff. All staff have been asked to stay home if they feel sick to reduce the risk of infection for the children in our care. Any child who may become ill will receive appropriate medical attention.

Access to Doyle Farm has been restricted to only those who are necessary for the day to day running of Rafiki Mwema. Everyone entering the farm grounds must wash their hands at the gate where soap and water have been provided.

All of the children who have been going to school outside of the farm are now back at Doyle farm full time as the local schools have closed. This places extra strain and responsibility on our staff who are coping with this in their usual professional, diligent and caring manner. The children who would ordinarily be at local schools will be continuing their schooling by participating in the radio lessons provided by the Kenyan Government. The small girls will continue their normal class programs guided by their teachers.

The offsite feeding programme, which is held each Sunday will continue in a modified way as large gatherings of people have been banned. Rafiki Mwema staff have sourced a location where lunch can be served to small groups of children at a time. This will act as a small food stand and ensure that some of the most vulnerable boys that we support will still be able to take part in the programme and the meal they so urgently rely upon.

The outreach program will be modified to ensure our staff remain healthy and are not exposed unnecessarily to potential possible infection. Families will be visited only when deemed as a necessity and assessed on a risk basis.

Because this is an evolving situation, we will be closely monitoring the advice issued by the Kenyan Government and will follow their recommendation in full.

With all of this in mind, we will continue to provide our children with the loving care, education and medical treatment they need.

We thank you for your continued support of Rafiki Mwema. Your support is so valued, now more than ever and is the reason that Rafiki Mwema can continue to care for children who need us.

We will keep you updated with any new information as it arrives and Thank You again for the love and support you are giving us as we manage this unprecedented situation.

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