We couldn’t be any prouder of Sarah Rosborg who was presented with the ‘Paul Harris Fellow’ award by the Rotary club in May because of her passionate, energy and determination to support traumatised children in Kenya. She donates much of her life to endlessly campaign and pushing awareness of the difficulties experienced by our children who have had to experience the most heinous of lives on the streets of Nakuru or have experienced sexual torture at the hands of men and women, who simply use and abuse these small children.

We are so proud of the recognition given to Sarah, who is one of the worlds unsung hero’s, and cannot think of a better award than being acknowledged for her commitment by the Rotary’s Educational and Humanitarian program.

I know I don’t need to add ‘Keep up the good work Sarah’ because Rafiki Mwema pumps through her veins and drives her heartbeat. Our children are lucky to have Sarah in their lives, and so are we.