Feeling proud and emotional and missing our Kenyan family more than ever at this special time of year.

After our ‘feed our family in town’ campaign yesterday, we had such a wonderful response from you all and it was recieved well in town and our boys enjoyed the day so much. 

A wonderful example of what Christmas is all about. Let me share some photos and some words from our managers..

“It has been an amazing day, more than I ever expected!! I have never had a wonderful day like this one ever. I love you all who made this to happen. The street family appreciated and testified that that they have never had such fun and love before. I also appreciate all our boys who did a wonderful job in ensuring everything was very smooth playing a very big role. I am proud of Play Kenya/Rafiki Mwema. Whenever the needy smile it’s our pleasure as a family, despite the fact we cannot accommodate all at least we have made them feel loved and remembered. Thank you all and God bless you all.” – Manager at Rafiki

“Your beauty and love for others shines brightly. Thank you for being the people you are. Today you have put small commas in the life sentence of street living. Thank you” – Anne Marie and Sarah

Original Campaign Request:

The Kings of Rafiki Mwema (that is the boys who live with us under our care) have asked for one thing this Christmas… to cook a meal for their brothers who are still in town and serve it to them on Christmas Day, giving them full bellies and hearts and letting them know that they too are important and cared for.

It is estimated that there are approximately 200 boys in town, which we estimate can be fed a balanced wholesome meal for as little as AUS $4 each (as little as a single cup of coffee!)

For this small amount our Kings will be able to cook and serve their brothers beef stew, rice, chapatis, a full loaf of bread and a soda.


So this Christmas we’re encouraging you to donate to help us remind these boys that they’re not forgotten.

Any excess funds will be used throughout the community this Christmas. *the great response to this campaign is just so exciting. We have liased with our boys and we have decided the excess funds raised will be used to supply our outreach families with food parcels this Christmas as they are very poor and struggle. This will include some of our oys families also. Our boys will be helping to purchase and put together these food parcels. They are just so grateful they are ale to give back.

100% of funds go back into the community.

As always – THANK YOU