I am often approached about people wanting to send our children things for Christmas. Normally I decline as we have no way to get the items to Kenya.. BUT this year myself (Sarah) and Anne Marie are travelling to Kenya at the beginning of December.

We would like to give each child a bag of goodies for them to be able to open for their Christmas surprise. When you have 66 children this is quite the task and I simply do not have the time or money to look for these presents for our kids. So I thought, why not put the call out to you guys so see if you can send some gifts/a gift (of any kind) to me in Australia or Anne Marie in the UK and we can wrap and disperse into each child’s gift bag.

🤷🏽‍♀️So what to send?

We have boys and girls from age 5-17. So anything small/light that we could wrap and pack and take to Kenya with us. Something that would make our kids smile!

Please leave the gifts UNWRAPPED so we can wrap and distribute to each child’s bag separately as we see best.

I will photograph every package that is recieved and add to my instagram stories so you know when it has arrived safe and sound. (follow me at www.instagram.com/rafikicastle )

 When to send?

We would love to have everything by November 20 so we can wrap and pack before we head off and buy any last minute items we might need.

📦Where to send?

🇬🇧 If you are in the UK you can send to:

Anne Marie Tipper
68, Lupin Ride,
Crowthorne, RG45 6UR
United Kingdom

(Authority to Leave)

🇦🇺 If you are in Australia you can send to:

Sarah Rosborg
1 Andrew Place
Lennox Head NSW 2478

(Authority to Leave)

Any questions please reach out below!

Thank you in advance to those who help us with our Christmas shopping! I can’t wait to celebrate with our children and watch them enjoy like all children deserve. 🙏❣️