Warning, graphic content and I’m very well aware that a large percentage of you have suffered and are dealing with your own PTSD as a result.

This however is Elizabeth.

Her “mother” facilitated her prostitution from the age of 2 years old for 10 years.

During that time she was brutally raped. She had knives held to her throat to keep her quite, her body is covered in scars and she has a very good memory of the abuse.
Yes, physically she is safe now. But mentally she is still in grave danger.
Elizabeth was progressing well in therapy until last year when her psychotic episodes began. It has terrified the other children at Rafiki and the doctors have said she needs to be committed to a psychiatric hospital. There she will suffer more abuse, be drugged to the point that she is not there and probably not survive.
We need to keep her, we need to prove to her that she will not be punished for what someone did to her.
Our only option is to build her a hut, her own accommodation on our farm. With 2 full time “aunties” Kenyan carers.
We don’t have the money.
If we can’t build this and keep her she will end up with the state because her episodes are affecting the other children’s therapeutic progress.
I wouldn’t ask you guys if we weren’t desperate to help her, save her.
We need $45k to build this. You are our only option. Whatever you have, whatever you can spare.
Please save Elizabeth, keep her at home with her new sisters, where she belongs.

Go to this link and give whatever you can give.

Imagine that was your 2 year old girl. It’s amazing she’s survived.

For 10 years this baby girl was raped up to 20 times per day. Just let that sit with you and please turn that pain it brings you into power. 💗

Constance Hall