We take the privacy and security of our children very seriously, so will never put a story to a name on our website. Below you can read the moving and heart wrenching stories of all our girls at Rafiki Mwema. These stories alone explain how important the Rafiki Mwema house is for their safety and rehabilitation after experiencing such trauma. We thank you so much for reading.

She* has been prostituted since the age of 2 and has been at Rafiki Mwema for around a year. She has complex needs and has learning difficulties. She has no understanding of personal danger and believes that it is her ‘job’ to have sex with any man. She is monitored very closely in Rafiki Mwema as she could be a risk to herself and others.

She* was raped by a stranger and has been with us for around 4 months. She comes from a poor home and appears not to have been to school. Her parents keep in contact with her and it is hoped she will return home in the next few months

She* originally came to us as several men had raped her. She then became very sexually active with boys in her school and was a danger to herself and others. After a year at Rafiki Mwema she returned home but things did not go well for her. She was victimized by the community and was being pushed into sexual activity by members of her family. She has returned to Rafiki Mwema until we can find a safe place for her.

She*was a very sad and damaged child when she arrived at Rafiki Mwema. She had been raped for several years but as she lived on the streets, caring for her siblings by selling herself, no one has ever been prosecuted for her defilement. When she arrived she was scared and aggressive with the other children. She is now gentle and kind and very attuned to other peoples feelings

Rafiki Mwema were alerted to this girl from another charity and our staff went to great lengths to find her and her sister. They were two little girls who lived on the streets and had been raped many times. Their mother is a very sad figure and could not prioritise their safety. She* is delightful and smart. She has blossomed at Rafiki Mwema and no longer covers her face when she looks at you.

She* is the eldest of her three siblings that are at Rafiki Mwema. Her experience was so shocking that it was all over the national news here in Kenya. She and her sisters, and mother, had been systematically beaten and raped by their father, who is now in prison for life. She was very withdrawn and totally overshadowed by her noisy little sisters. She is developing into a sensitive little girl who needs an opportunity to be a child.

Like her sister above, She* is a child who lived on the streets. She has seen and experienced things you could only imagine. When she arrived with us she was very sexual in her behaviour but as she learns to feel safe she no longer approaches each new person with sexual energy

She* is lovely, funny, emotional and sad! She was the first child that came to Rafiki Mwema and she did so well to make sense of being raped as a little 6 year old. Play Kenya spent a long time rehabilitating her back to her family and she returned home in April. We kept in touch as we do with all our girls, only to receive the shocking news that her father had raped her, and then bribed the community not to prosecute him. She came back to us 4 weeks ago and is happy to be safe again. It will be a very important task to help her with this ultimate betrayal and help her build her future. Play Kenya are working with the government officials to bring her father to justice

She* has had the toughest of lives, living in an unsuitable home where she was subjected to years of abuse. She has some very complex needs due to injuries she received. She is the hub of the house and you certainly know when she is around!

She* was raped by an 18-year-old cousin and had been to court 9 times but would not testify. The judge sent her to Rafiki Mwema and within a week she was confident enough to return to court and identify the boy that raped her and say what happened. She has difficulties in making friends and can be spiteful, but she is learning that she is loveable and will continue with her therapy.

She* is the sister to *girl and has experienced rape by her father. She is very smart and an adorable addition to our family

Many men have raped this girl* in her short life. She is very quiet and for the first few months had no facial expressions. Through the work of her key worker and the love in the house she is able to acknowledge some feelings now. Her road to recovery will be hard but she has started.

She* is with us from an orphanage. She spent her early years on the streets and has witnessed things you and I can only imagine. When she came to us she was ‘refusing’ to speak and could be very sad and withdrawn. She is doing so well and speaks, laughs and sings with the other girls, staff and visitors. She will soon be ready to go home but we will miss her loads!

She* is the most tragic little girl and is one of the sibling group who were tortured and abused by their father. The photos of the injuries to these children are horrific. They have physical scars, including burning of their genitalia – they have deep deep emotional scars too. She was the smallest 5 year old and showed signs that she had spent years locked away. She was like a caged animal when she arrived – and now she is doing SO well! She is beginning to trust people, although there are times that terror explodes on her face. She is trying to learn in school but it is overwhelming for her – so she has an individual timetable that means she spends lots of time with her key worker.

She* is the middle sibling to above girls. She is so terrified of being beaten that she will often attack first just in case. She is beginning to learn that no one will hurt her at Rafiki Mwema and is experiencing love for the first time in her life. She LOVES music, she has the most amazing rhythm and will dance to anything – including the washing machine!

She* makes my heart cry. She is a little girl who was prostituted and beaten daily by 5 men. She knows the times of day she had to have sex with them, which scars they gave her – and which ones came from her alcoholic mother. She presents as tough and can be very aggressive, but she is beginning to show the deep sadness she has hidden for years. She would break the heart of anyone who met her – but hopefully she will recover over time. Sadly her mother’s addiction has scarred her both physically and emotionally. She has scars from knife wounds where her mother would cut her if she cried out when she was being raped.

She is the younger sister to above girl and although she didn’t have such a tough time as her sister – she has also experienced unimaginable things. She has learned to be invisible in the hope she will escape abuse – and through the family atmosphere at Rafiki Mwema and her therapy will learn to know that she has a voice and it is hers to use as she wants.

The saddest most haunting little girl who seems to have had very few positive people in her life prior to her multiple rapes. She wears many scars of her early life and has a long path to walk at Rafiki Mwema.

This girl was defiled on the way home from school by a 46 year old man. This man offered her a piece of sugarcane and led her to his house and defiled her. After defiling her in the house, he offered to escort her home but again on the way in the bushes he again defiled her. He threatened her never to tell anyone or he will kill her but due to the pain she was feeling, she told her mother who took her to hospital and reported  the case to the police where they arrested him.

These girls arrived together having been raped by the same man – a stranger to them. They are from the same village and there will be much work to do to ensure that they are not blamed.

This girl was admitted to Rafiki Mwema in March following a defilement by her grandfather after being neglected by her mother. Her grandmother is long dead and the child has been staying with the grandfather. The mother is serving 3 years imprisonment due to neglect. When the child was admitted to us, she had several wounds on her head and fore head and this we were told that she got from her mother.

This little girl has been raped by her older brother many times – he was sent to the remand where they also took *her!!!! (until we got her out!) She is a bubbly bouncy little girl who will probably never be able to return to live with her mother who has significant alcohol problems. She is the baby of a very large family.